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Portway Infant School

Portway Infant School

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Red Nose Day

We have had a great day today sharing lots of silly jokes! Each class voted on their favourite, and that child won a joke book of their very own to practise their comedy skills!

Well done to the following children for giving us all a good laugh!

Duckling winner – James!

“Take a chocolate…smell it…eat it…it’s a slug!”

Gosling winner – Isaac!

“How do you get Pikachu on the bus? You Pokemon! (poke him on!)

Cygnet winner – Dora!

“What do you get if you cross an elephant with a kangaroo? Big holes in Australia!”

Puffin winner – Jack!

“What do you call a key that opens a banana? A monkey!”

Woodpecker winner – Madison!

“Why do giraffes have long necks? Because they have smelly feet!”

Robin winner – Olivia!

“What is a duck’s favourite food? Quack-a-mole waka waka!”

Hawk winner – Logan!

“Why are chickens called chickens? Be-CAWS!”

Osprey winner – Ethan!

“Why did the computer scream? Because someone stepped on its mouse!”

Eagle winner – Belle!

“I threw butter out of the window…I wanted to see butter fly!”