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Portway Infant School

Portway Infant School

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Far Away to Japan

We have visited Japan today to celebrate the 'Star Festival' called Tanabata. We have been learning about the food, the writing and how to say hello. Lots of children have been busy building bullet trains, robots to tidy the classroom and temples. We made flags and even played some of the same games that children in Japan like to play. 

Forest School

We are so lucky at Portway ..... today we were able to see the life cycle of a ladybird here on our very own hedge!

We have had a very full day learning about habitats and building our own habitats for animals in our forest and exploring our new sensory garden. The sun shone and the rain stayed away ........ we didn't want to leave!

Olympic Week

We have been learning all about the Olympics this week ready. We have found out about how it started, practised some of the sports with a teacher from Harrow Way and even had our own Olympic Torch which we carried around 'France' to Paris. 

Today we have had a Far Away visit to France to learn all about the country where it is going to be held this year and designed a flag to represent our class aswell as individual flags. This afternoon the whole school went out to the field for an Opening Ceremony with our class flag and then took part in a Marathon....... just like the real Olympics!! 


Portway Farmers

Today we went to Longdown Farm to become farmers for the day. We went on a coach and had a long list of jobs to do. We had to feed animals, collect eggs, ride on tractors and make sure that all of the baby animals were ok and well cuddled. We had the best of days..... well done everyone! 

Petr Horacek Comes To Portway

What a fabulous time we had sharing the day with Petr Horacek. We listened to him tell us stories and then had our own workshop with him to create a piece of artwork to put up in our school. Everyone in Year R joined in and he asked about our pictures before adding them to his big picture. You will be able to have a close look at it at Show and Share..... it looks wonderful!!

Bug Hunting Forest School

We have been busy this morning at Forest School looking for animals. We have been learning all about exoskeletons, saddles and invertibrates!! Then we went off with our pots to see what we could find. We found lots of woodlice, worms, slugs, snails, ants and even a centipede!

Vincent Van Gogh

We have been learning all about the artist Vincent Van Gogh. We practised our colour mixing to make greens, oranges and different yellows and copied one of his famous sunflower pictures. We tried hard to match the shapes and textures he used to create a painting in his style. We were very proud of the sunflower pictures we painted. 

Far Away Visit to the Netherlands

We have been learning about the artist Vincent Van Gogh and decided to take a Far Away visit to the country that he was born.... The Netherlands. We went on our plane and then made flags, windmills and built Amsterdam with the houses right next to the canals. In our outside area we built dams and dikes then tested our building with water to see if they worked. We also found out that there are more bikes than people so we went on bikes oursleves this afternoon and then tasted some Edam cheese and stroop waffels. They were delicious! 

Farm to Fork Week

What a busy week we have had! We have been learning all about different farms and sowing seeds ready to grow our own vegetables to harvest in the Autumn! 

We also made a shopping list of the vegetables we might need for a delicous soup and some of us were lucky enough to go to Kenyons to buy the ingredients we needed. 

We then practised our bridge cut to cut up the vegetables ready to cook..... 

Finally we could take our soup to Forest School where we sat around the fire singing songs and eating the finished product..... it was delicious!! 

A visit from a ukulele band!

Today we were treated to a fantastic performance from a ukulele band! Everyone enjoyed clapping and singing along to popular songs and we were even taught some new songs too. Some children from Year 2 played a piece of music from their weekly ukulele lessons. A huge thank you to the wonderful musicians who came to visit and share their talents with us.

World Book Day!

Today is 'World Book Day' and we have all dressed up as different book characters. Can you guess which stories we come from?

The whole school shared a special story called 'Where Has All The Cake Gone?'....... I think I may know......

Real Life Superheroes

We have been learning all about real life superheroes and the jobs that they do. We have also been finding out what they need to help them do their job and the uniform that they wear.

Nurse Lizzie came and told us all about her job and how she helps to keep people well and safe. 

We had a dentist who has told us all how to look after our teeth and keep them clean. 

And today we had a visit from two Police Officers who showed us all of their gadgets on their uniform and in their car! 

Firefighter Forest School

Today we all had Forest School and to match our learning about real life superheroes we learnt all about how to keep safe with fires. Miss Birmingham taught us how to make a real fire and we practised making sparks with fire steels. We then worked hard with our friends to practise building a fire, finding tinder, kindling and testing twigs with the 'snap test'.



Before lunch we lit a real fire and sang songs before putting it out with water.

Chinese New Year

We started our week with a Far Away Trip to China where we found out all about the flag, dragons, pagodas and The Great Wall of China. We looked at the writing and numbers and worked together to create music for own dragon dances. We even practised using chopsticks to eat noodles ready for our celebration of Chinese New Year in the afternnoon!

We were also lucky enough to have our own Chinese Dance Workshop where we learnt how to dance like chinese lions and dragons and made our own long dragons to move around the Hall. We also found out that you can dance with parasols!! 

Cinderella Ball

Today we had our own Cinderella Ball. We got ready into our special clothes so that we were turned into Princes and Princesses!