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Portway Infant School

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Chinese New Year

We started our week with a Far Away Trip to China where we found out all about the flag, dragons, pagodas and The Great Wall of China. We looked at the writing and numbers and worked together to create music for own dragon dances. We even practised using chopsticks to eat noodles ready for our celebration of Chinese New Year in the afternnoon!

We were also lucky enough to have our own Chinese Dance Workshop where we learnt how to dance like chinese lions and dragons and made our own long dragons to move around the Hall. We also found out that you can dance with parasols!! 

Cinderella Ball

Today we had our own Cinderella Ball. We got ready into our special clothes so that we were turned into Princes and Princesses! 

We have been practising patterns in our dance to match the music. We used this learning when we went to the Ball. 

When the clock struck 12 we had to go back to class and change into our uniform clothes!

We had a brilliant time!

Fairy Tale Forest School

We have been making Forest School into a magical place to be!

In the past we have used oil pastels and collaged photographs to make Picasso faces but today we used clay and collage from our environment to make faces on trees!! 

We squashed a ball of clay onto the trunk of a tree and then collected eyes, noses and mouths to make the clay into a face. This is what they looked like when we had finished them......

We noticed that new life has started to grow and we will have lots of daffodils growing around school soon. 

We have also been busy with our 'Learning Time' and can do it all without grown up help, asking our friends to help us instead. There is a lot of 'secret learning' at Forest School. 

Gymnastics Shapes

In PE this half term we have been learning all about the 5 basic shapes. These are: Straight, Star, Tuck, Pike and Straddle. We have practised them carefully by holding our bodies strong and still just like gymnasts do. We are experts now and can't wait to teach everyone at home!

Ice Decorations

Lots of us have been busy decorating trees in our homes for Christmas but today we have been decorating the trees outside by making ice decorations!

We started yesterday by choosing objects from the environment to put into plates and then added water and handles. If the temperature fell below zero overnight then the water would freeze and we would have ice decorations in the morning.......... 

It worked!! The water froze and we could hang our decorations up in the trees. They looked beautiful .....

Wassily Kandinsky

We have been learning all about the artist Kandinsky this week. We looked at lots of his different pictures and then decided to make our own art in the style of his 'Squares with Concentric Circles'. We chose colours for our art and then practised our cutting skills to cut out the circles. 

Christmas Assembly

Today we were lucky enough to be joined by some very talented Portway parents for our Christmas assembly in the hall. The grown ups impressed us with their musical talent and it was lovely to see so many different instruments. What a great way to come together and sing some well known Christmas carols! Thank you to our wonderful performers for joining us.

Christmas Dinner

A huge thank you to everyone who helped plan, cook and wrap presents for our Christmas Dinner today. We had such a lovely time and it all felt very Chrismassy and special!!

Buttons' Birthday

Today we had a birthday party for Buttons. We made party hats, cards and decorations and then invited Buttons for his very first birthday party. We played musical chairs and had juice and cookies as our special celebration food. We have had so much fun with our learning!!


We have been learning all about how our environment changes from Summer into Autumn and how some animals hibernate or migrate to warmer places. We have noticed how the leaves have been changing colour and falling off the trees....... especially our lovely big oak tree outside our classroom so today we had the best fun playing in the leaves in our outside area. 

Far Away Friday to India

We have been off on our travels again today but this time we have been to India to celebrate Diwali. We went on our plane and then were very busy preparing for our celebration making flags, play dough sweets, decorations and jewellery. We also learnt that Diwali is a celebration of light so we put lights on our window sills and made firework pictures to put on the windows and rangoli patterns to decorate the floor.

This afternoon we did dancing and ate some food from India while listening to Indian music. We have had a brilliant day!