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Portway Infant School

Portway Infant School

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Summer Term 2023

Summer Term

Barefoot Barn visits Portway

We had a visit from Charles and Camilla, our Portway ducklings and they have grown up!!! They also brought some friends with them for us to meet. 

A huge thank you to Barefoot Barns for giving up their morning so that we could have a treat. The children had an amazing time..... and so did some grown-ups!!

Sports Day Presentation 

Today the children took part in our annual school sports day. It’s always a great opportunity for the children to showcase the skills they have been learning throughout the year to their Adults. We were very lucky to have such great weather this year and the children put on a fantastic performance and should be very proud of themselves. Thank you to everyone who came out to us.


This year’s winners were:


Outstanding Performance- Yellow Team

Determination and Perseverance- Blue Team

Excellent Sportsmanship- Red Team


Sports Day!

What a fabulous day we had on our Sports day this week. The children were amazing and tried so hard in all of the races! Well done to all the grown ups too for cheering everyone on!


We have been learning about a new artist... Vincent Van Gogh!

We decided to paint his famous 'Sunflowers' painting, which one is your favourite?


Forest School …. Bug Hunting!


We have had a great time in Forest School today. We have been learning all about Woodlice, Earthworms and Black Ants. We used special collecting pots that had magnifying lids to collect some insects in to look carefully at their features. We knew that we had to be really careful not to harm them when we collected them. After we had finished looking at them we returned them safely to their home!



In the afternoon we learnt how to make leaf patterns in clay and how to drill holes in wood to create keepsakes. We even had time for our favourite forest school special time activities too! What an exciting busy day!


We had caterpillars at school last week. We have watched them grow and turn into chrysalis and then turn into butterflies! Today we released our butterflies into the trees, we waved them goodbye and wished them a happy life!

Rosie's Walk by Pat Hutchins

We have been inspired by our visit from Petr Horacek last week and become illustrators in Goslings!

We looked at the pictures by Pat Hutchins in the 'Rosie's Walk' story and used her ideas to make some pictures of our own. First of all we practised our colour mixing to make oranges, greens, browns and yellows and painted the shapes for our pictures. Then we used the ipad to take a photo of the original illustration from the book so that we could zoom in and see the details really clearly. Finally, we used black pen to add the details to our artwork. 

The final paintings are absolutely amazing!! I think that Pat Hutchins would be proud of us. 

Petr Horacek Visits Portway!

We were so lucky to have a visit from the author/illustrator Petr Horacek today! He told us all about his books and how he got his inspiration for them. In the afternoon we were so privileged to be able to work alongside Petr to create some artwork especially for Portway! We were very excited to meet him! We love reading his stories.