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Portway Infant School

Portway Infant School

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Welcome to Osprey Class!

Owl Press Print


Today we created our very own owl press print. We had to work through a range of steps to create our art work. First we designed our owl on a whiteboard making sure it was a good size. Then we carefully copied it onto our polystyrene tile using a whiteboard pen. The tricky bit was tracing our design using a pencil making sure we didn’t push too hard. Once our tile was ready we covered it with ink and pressed it onto the paper. What a great way to start our new topic!

The Happy Lion

This week we have made artwork inspired by the story ‘The Happy Lion’ by Louise Fatio. We started by drawing the face of our lion and we used pastels to colour it in. We then got creative when making the manes by using a range of methods and materials. Have a look at our wonderful creations!

Mindful Minis

Today Year 2 had a visit from Mindful Minis. We had a great time learning how to be more aware of our bodies and breath and took part in a number of fun breathing exercises and yoga poses. Have a look at the pictures to see just how much fun we had!

Jungle Camps 

Today we enjoyed creating our own jungle camp out of card. We had to think about how to make our camps look 3D using the different materials. We had a great time thinking about what to include in our camps and how to model the card to create the different effects.

Lighthouse Keeper Day


We enjoyed a special day today where we were able to dress up as characters from The Lighthouse Keeper stories. We then created our very own lighthouse with a winding mechanism to save Mr Grinling from carrying everything up the winding staircase. We are very proud of our creations!

Bridge Challenge


This morning we were set the challenge to design and build a bridge for the people of London to use to escape the Great Fire. We started by exploring different structures using a range of construction and thought about how this would help up plan our own bridges. We then worked as a team to create our bridge making sure it was strong, stable and secure! What a challenge it was!


Easter Gardens

This week the children listened to and retold the Easter story. We discussed the importance of the Easter story to Christians. To help us remember the story we created our very own Easter garden using natural materials we found in the school grounds. We hope you enjoy our beautiful gardens.