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Portway Infant School

Portway Infant School

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Summer Term 2023

Barefoot Barn visits Portway

We had a visit from Charles and Camilla, our Portway ducklings and they have grown up!!! They also brought some friends with them for us to meet. 

A huge thank you to Barefoot Barns for giving up their morning so that we could have a treat. The children had an amazing time..... and so did some grown-ups!!

Sports Day Presentation 

Today the children took part in our annual school sports day. It’s always a great opportunity for the children to showcase the skills they have been learning throughout the year to their Adults. We were very lucky to have such great weather this year and the children put on a fantastic performance and should be very proud of themselves. Thank you to everyone who came out to us.


This year’s winners were:


Outstanding Performance- Yellow Team

Determination and Perseverance- Blue Team

Excellent Sportsmanship- Red Team


Sport's Day

What a great time we had at our first Portway Sport's Day. Everyone had lots of fun, joined in and cheered on their friends. We were very excited to get medals too. Go Go Ducklings!!

Vincent van Gogh

The children have loved learning about our new artist Vincent van Gogh. We used our learning about colour mixing when we painted our Rosie's Walk picture to apply to our sunflower picture and the children didn't even need any grown up help!! Well done Ducklings.

Forest School

What an absolutely amazing day we had at Forest School! So much learning and so much fun!!

In the morning we found out about three different animals that live in our Forest - the black ant, the woodlouse and the earthworm. Then we went off with our collecting pots to hunt for them....... we found lots and lots! They were living under logs and in the ground. We also found spiders, beetles, slugs snails and even a newt. We are so lucky to have so many animals living in our school. 

In the afternoon we learnt how to use a palm drill to make a hole in a hazel disk to make a necklace which we decorated with our favourite Forest School animal. We also made imprints of leaves in clay and used the binoculars to see far, far away. 

Come and see our photographs.....

Rosie's Walk by Pat Hutchins

We have been inspired by our visit from Petr Horacek last week and become illustrators in Duckling Class!! 

We looked at the pictures by Pat Hutchins in the 'Rosie's Walk' story and used her ideas to make some pictures of our own. First of all we practised our colour mixing to make oranges, greens, browns and yellows and painted the shapes for our pictures. Then we used the ipad to take a photo of the original illustration from the book so that we could zoom in and see the details really clearly. Finally, we used black pen to add the details to our artwork. 

The final paintings are absolutely amazing!! I think that Pat Hutchins would be proud of us. 

Petr Horacek Comes to Portway

We have been so lucky today to have a visit from our favourite author and illustrator Petr Horacek.

We started our day with a whole school assembly where Petr read us some of his stories, told us about his Granny and showed us all how to draw characters. 

Then we had our own workshop with him and used pastels to make pictures to add to his background.

Everyone in Year R joined in and added their picture to the mural. We think that it looks amazing and can't wait to see it hanging in the Hall.

The Coronation of King Charles III

We have been learning all about King Charles III this week because on Saturday he has his coronation. We have been making Union Jacks, building Buckingham Palace, designing him new crowns, baking biscuits and learning to march just like the Foot Guards.

Today we made crowns ready for our Street Party and had lots of fun celebrating. We even all sang 'God save the King'.

We had the best time at our Street Party!!

Portway Ducks Have Hatched!!

Welcome to Charles and Camilla who hatched last week, just in time for the coronation!! They are happy and settled and absolutely love having cuddles. 

Charles has brown colouring and hatched last Wednesday. Camilla has a paler brown/yellow colouring and hatched on Saturday.

Both duckings have been practising wearing their crowns ready for the weekend!

Longdown Activity Farm

Oh my goodness, what a fantastic....... and busy day we have had today!! 

We have been to Longdown Farm on a coach to learn aboout all of the different jobs that a farmer needs to do to look after their animals. Today we were the ones doing all of the jobs and we have been busy collecting eggs, feeding calves and kids milk, feeding the goats, aswell as meeting some of the smaller animals. Only when all of the animals had been fed were we allowed to have our lunch!! We were definitely ready for something to eat.

Well done children for all of you hard work!!