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Portway Infant School

Portway Infant School

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Welcome to Cygnet Class!



My goodness we really had the best day ever at the farm!! 


We got to arrive in style via our coach and sang 'Old Macdonald' all the way there! 

When we first arrived we were introduced to Farmer Brian who was our guide for the day. The first activity we got to do was feeding the adult goats! They were so hungry we had to hold on to our trays tightly!! Once the adult goats had been fed we then got to feed the baby goats with bottles of warm milk. They were super cute and wagged their tales whilst they ate! 


Once the goats had been fed we moved on to collecting the eggs from the hens! We each got to choose one egg and carry it safely to the shop ready to be sold. 


Next on out tour was our favourite part! The mega bumby tractor ride! We had to hold on tight to make sure we didn't fall off but we were all laughing and smiling the whole journey! 


Lastly before stopping for lunch we got to visit the baby chicks and guinea pigs and give them gentle strokes! It gave us great practise before looking after the school Guinea Pigs when we move to Year 1. 


We feel so lucky to have had such an amazing and busy day at Longdown it was the perfect way to end the year together. 

Cygnet's Last Forest School!


We had an amazing time at our last Forest School as Year R children! We continued our learning about bugs and found about the habitats they live in! We spoke about what would be important for the different bugs and insects and how they are different! We then got to create our own habitats during special time! 


Once we had finished making our habitats we got to choose our own activities. We are so independent in the forest now we knew exactly what we wanted to do. We chose all our favourites including den building, clay faces and hazard flags and worked all independently with no grown up help!


We have loved all our time in Forest School and we cannot wait to learn new skills when we get to Year 1!



Cygnet's Naughty Bus Movie! 

We have met a London bus who has been off on some adventures!!! 

Log in to our Google Classroom to watch the movie that we have made. We are very excited to share it with you. (I have downloaded it onto our stream as it was too long to put onto our website but please let me know if you are unable to find it!)

Far Away Friday to Czech Republic!


We have been learning about the author Petr Horacek who was born in Prague so today we decided to pay a visit to the Czech Republic. We got our passports out, collected our sticker and boarded the flight to Prague. 

When we arrived we made flags and said 'Ahoj'!

We found out that there are over 2,000 castles in the Czech Republic so we designed and made our own castles. 

Prague Castle is the largest, ancient castle in the world so we even made that too!!

Cygnet Art!


We have loved learning different art techniques from different artists. We have learnt new skills from Vincent Van Gogh, Pat Hutchins and Petr Horacek! 


First, Van Gogh taught us about colour mixing to create different colours and we used this technique to paint our own sunflower paintings! 


Pat Hutchins taught us to add extra detail using a black pen! We painted different parts of her story 'Rosie's Walk' and added the detail once it had dried. 


And finally, we have loved learning about Petr Horacek! Petr likes to cut out his drawings and add them onto a background. We all had a go at drawing our own Suzy Goose to add to our class background. We also wrote something we are good at as Suzy Goose taught us that we are all different and special in our own way! 

Countdown Balloons!


We are very excited as some countdown balloons arrived in our classroom ready for Year 1. Every Friday afternoon we can do our transition activity and then pop the next balloon for our treat.

Today we found out who our Year 1 teacher is going to be! We had some fun photos and videos to watch as a guessing game. When we popped our number 6 balloon it was cosmic kids..... perfect for a rainy Friday afternoon.

I wonder what it will be next Friday!!



We were very excited when we returned to school to see that the butterflies had emerged from their cocoons! 

After having them in the classroom for a few days to observe with magnifying glasses, we decided it was time to set them free to lay eggs and continue the life cycle. Goodbye butterflies!



Goodbye Ducklings!


Today was the ducklings last day with us before they went to their forever homes! We spent some time with them this morning watching them having a dip in the water and even got to have last cuddles with them! We have loved having them to look after and we will miss them very much! 

Forest School


What beautiful weather we had on Thursday for our Forest School morning! We had so much fun! We started the morning learning about 3 different bugs: ants, woodlice and earth worms. We learnt some amazing facts. 

Did you know that ants can lift 20 times their own body weight? That's like a 7 year old lifting a small car!! 

Did you know that woodlice are related to crabs and lobsters? 

Did you know that an earth worm can survive after being cut in half! 

We then got to become bug hunters and search under logs and in mud to find different bugs and insects. 

After we had returned all the bugs we had found to their homes, we got to explore the forest and have fun doing some of our favourite activities such as ponding dipping, den building, making clay faces and more! We finished the day by sitting around the fire and singing campfire songs! 

New Ducklings!

The ducklings have safely hatched and we now have four very excited ducklings at school.

Let me introduce you to....




and Ed


Still image for this video

They even came to visit us in our classroom and we got to stroke and hold them. 

New Life at Portway 


We are very excited! During the Easter holidays we had a special delivery of a strange parcel... inside we four duck eggs 

The eggs are now in our incubator. They have to incubate for 28 days and this weekend the time is up. We have our fingers crossed that there will be four runner ducklings very soon! 

This week we had another parcel that arrived and that was full of new life too! We have some caterpillars to watch in our classrooms as they change into butterflies and we can learn about their life cycle.

Vincent Van Gogh Sunflowers


This week we learnt all about Vincent Van Gogh! We learnt where he was born, what job he did before he focused on his art and we learnt that he loved to use lots of bright colours in his paintings! We looked at all the different types of sunflowers he painted and spoke about how he used thick brushes and lots of paint, which meant it would sometimes take weeks for his paintings to dry! 


After learning about Van Gogh, we were inspired to create our own sunflower paintings. We used 3 different sized brushes and thought carefully about the position of each part of the painting! Have a look at our art gallery below to see our amazing creations! 

School Library Visit


We are so lucky at Portway to have such a wonderful Library! The children get to visit every Friday to choose a new book! It can sometimes be tricky to choose as there is so much choice! There are story books, non-Fiction books, information books, poetry books and more! 


The children love to visit as they get to scan in their old book and then browse for a new one! They like to give them a trial read before they make the final decision! Once they have scanned it out they can then spend some time looking through and sharing their books with friends! 

Have a look at the pictures below to see us having so much fun! 

Red Nose Day


What a fun day we have had today! It started with lots of laughter when we shared our jokes to the whole class and voted on the two favourites! Georgia and Chester were the winning pair! Well done you two! 

Next we played 'Hunt the Red Nose' with Mrs Smith. We each had 3 noses to hide and we had to see if we could remember where we hid them. We were even allowed to be cheeky and steal other peoples! The winner was the person who had the most at the end! 


In the afternoon, we were so excited to go down to Forest School and create our very own 'Clay Red Nose' faces! We decorated them with anything safe we could find, that was already on the floor! Have a look at all the different faces we made! 


Superhero Lunch!

Our amazing dinner ladies made our Superhero day so special today by organising a Superhero lunch with decorations and we even had Superhero cupcakes! We were so excited and felt so lucky! 


Forest School 

We had the best time at Forest School on Tuesday and enjoyed soaking up the beautiful sunshine! We started the day by reminding ourselves of the rules in Forest School and how to keep ourselves safe! We then put out the hazard flags to highlight any dangers! 

We were super lucky as Miss Birmingham taught us how to build fires by starting with tinder and building up small sticks into a pyramid shape! We also learnt that you can snap the sticks to see if they are dry enough for the fire. We then had a real fire with our grownups sat around the camp fire. 


After this we then enjoyed some special time in the Forest.. Come and see what fun we had! 



Christmas Dinner!

We had a lovely day today at our Christmas dinner! We all put on our elf hats and went up to the hall where we were surprised with decorations and table presents from the PTA! Thank you!


We then got to enjoy a yummy roast dinner with our class grown-ups and for dessert we had delicious Christmas puddings and biscuits, yum yum!!



Hubble's Birthday

Today we learnt all about birthdays and read the old bear story ‘Ruff’ which was about a little teddy that had never celebrated his birthday! We spoke about how this would make us feel and why birthdays are special.


We then realised that poor Hubble was once a lost bear and that he had never had a birthday either! We decided to throw Hubble his first ever birthday party! We made Hubble birthday cards and banners and even created a ‘Pin the Nose on the Bear’ game.


We had so much fun playing musical statues, pin the nose on the bear and even got to enjoy some delicious cupcakes! We think Hubble had the best birthday ever!



We're Going on a Bear Hunt

We have been learning all about the Bear Hunt story at school. We worked together to collage all the different parts of the story to make a beautiful class display. I wonder if you can spot yourself and your friends in all the different places. We even got to go on our very own bear hunt around the school finding new ‘Uh-Oh’ places! I wonder if you can use your memory to tell our bear hunt journey to your grownups!



Bear Hunt Forest School

We had Forest School this week and made our own Bear Hunt ‘camouflage crowns’ using things from the environment. We were very proud and wore them for the rest of the morning!


We then got to explore the forest and have fun doing some of our favourite activities such as: finding hazards and marking them with flags, building dens and marble runs and moving earth to the vegetable plot and bug hunting! We even got to use the Forest School hammock which was so much fun!