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Portway Infant School

Portway Infant School

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Gosling Class

Forest School 

We have had a fabulous day in the forest today. We have been learning about real life superheroes this half of term so today we learnt all about Fire. We found out what fire is used for, how to make a small camp fire and the dangers of fire! As well as how important it is to extinguish a fire. We got to try out making our own safe fire squares and even had a practise of making a spark with the steels. To finish the day we had a real camp fire with lots of camp fire songs to match! Of course there was plenty of time for some special time in the forest. What a busy day!

Far Away to China!

We have had a busy time in the last few days learning all about China! On Monday we boarded our Aeroplane and went to China. 

We learnt all about the different climates and that the capital is called Beijing. We found out that it was the Chinese New Year and so wore red clothes for the day to represent red being a lucky colour.

We made the flag and built temples from construction as well as making dragon masks. We also investigated chinese writing and made our own numberline of symbols! We had lots of fun!

In the afternoon we tasted Prawn Crackers and ate Noodles using chopsticks!

On Wednesday we had a special Dance workshop. We learnt all about the Chinese New Year celebration and created our own Dragon Dance! It was very exciting!

Cinderella Ball

Today we had our own Cinderella Ball. We got ready into our special clothes so that we were turned into Princes and Princesses!

We have been practising our pattern dances just like in ballroom dancing.

When the clock struck 12 we had to return to our 'Castles' before the magic ended!

We have had a fabulous time!

Forest School.

Gosling Class have had a super time in the forest today! We have been using clay to make faces on the tree's and used the natural resources around to make the details.

We howled like the Wolf to come together as a 'pack' and find each other when it was tidy up time (just like the wolves from our learning about Fairy Tales)!

Of course, we had lots of time to choose our favourite Forest School jobs and we even learnt how to be independent in collecting our own water for the mud kitchen using the special key! Have a look at our photo's to see what we have been up to!



In PE this half term we have been learning all about the 5 basic shapes. These are: Straight, Star, Tuck, Pike and Straddle. We have practised them carefully by holding our bodies strong and still just like gymnasts do. We are experts now and can't wait to teach everyone at home!

Ice Sculptures!

We have had great fun in the past few days taking advantage of the very cold weather!

We looked at how water turns to ice when it freezes and then investigated what happens when the sun shines.

Have a look at our Ice Sculptures that we made using natural materials from our outside area.

Wassily Kandinsky

We have been learning all about the artist Wassily Kandinsky this week. We found out that he liked to link his artwork to feelings through colours and music. We looked at his famous painting "A Colour Study - Squares with Concentric Circles" and we decided to make our own version! Do you like our " Kandinsky tree"?