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Portway Infant School

Portway Infant School

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Spring Term 2023

Sea City Trip

Today Year 1 visited the Sea City Museum in Southampton as part of our topic about the Titanic. We have just begun learning about the Titanic and so the opportunity to visit this museum, see some of the artefacts and even take part in a workshop has really helped our understanding of this moment in our local history. 

We learnt about life on board this magnificent ship for passengers and crew, its final moments and the impact of this tragedy on the families of Southampton. We really enjoyed our guided tour from a historian who was very impressed with our knowledge of the Titanic voyage. Some of our other highlights included interactive exhibits like 'steering the Titanic', 'shovelling the coal' and even having a go at sending a morse code message. 

We had a fantastic day and would like to thank all the grown-ups who joined us on the trip.

Easter Egg Hunt

Yesterday we were given lots of clues to go on an Easter scavenger hunt. At each clue there was a letter. Once we had found all of the clues we noticed it made an anagram of the words ‘Easter Eggs’. We were so surprised to find little eggs in the classroom after our scavenger hunt. We left them in our tray overnight and were so excited this morning when we found out the eggs had been filled with chocolate eggs!

Forest School

We enjoyed a fantastic day today taking part in Forest School! We arrived at school dressed to brave the weather and ready to spend the whole day outside.

We took part in a range of activities including creating Space medals using drills, moulding our own aliens from clay and various items from the forest and we also enjoyed den building, tree climbing and mud kitchen fun.

A massive thank you to Miss Birmingham, Mr Preston and Mrs Whitefield for all their efforts in making our day so much fun. We all had such a wonderful time and not even the rain could dampen our spirits!

Bring on next time!


This half term Year 1 having been learning how to play Tri-Golf. We have learnt the correct stance and how to hold our golf club correctly using a tik-tok motion to hit the ball. We have enjoyed learning about the different parts of a golf course by playing our own version of 'Simon Says'. We will be in the Golf Championships in no time!

Space in Virtual Reality!

It was a very special day in Year 1 today as the children took part in a fantastic virtual reality tour of our solar system.

Along the way we made a stop at some of the planets and learnt some fascinating facts. The children seem to thoroughly enjoy the immersive experience and it was lovely to hear all the comments they were making about their learning along the way!

Have a peek below at some of the photos of the morning.

Wales Day

What an exciting day we have had in Year 1! As part of our Geography learning we took a trip to Wales! In our imaginations of course! The day started with our train journey from Andover to Wales. During the journey we shared and learnt facts about our destination and we even had our own train ticket to show our drivers! Once in Wales, we took part in a number of activities that helped us learn even more about the wonderful country we were going to. There was Welsh Cake tasting, flag colouring and landmark labelling to name a few. However, there were so many other highlights from the day it would take a very long time to talk about them all here so why not have a look at the photos below and see what else we got up to for yourselves! Noswaith daa! From the Year 1 children!  

World Book Week


Today was World Book Day! We came to school dressed up as some of our favourite book characters. However our World Book Day fun wasn’t just confined to today! All week we have been doing fun activities based around our School Story ‘The Story Thief’! We have made wanted posters, persuasive letters and even been on a scavenger hunt to find clues left by the very cheeky Story Thief! Here are some photos of our day.

Christopher Badger

This week as part of our space topic, we have been thinking and learning about the surface of the moon. We have learnt that an artist called Christopher Badger created aluminium sculptures, polished to a mirror finish to portray a visual representation of the surface of the moon. We used lots of different sized circles to create the same effect using chalk. Have a look at our results.

A visit from Sir Teachalot!


Today we had a special visit from a knight! His name was Sir Teachalot and he began by telling us a little about knights and how they fought in fierce battles like the battle of Hastings in 1066! Then he showed us some of the important equipment a knight uses in battle and some of us got to try it on. We also took part in a jousting contest which was lots of fun! After all that fun we had a tasty banquet dinner and drank our water from special goblets that we had made during the morning. After filling our tummies we all came together in the school hall and we learnt how castles were made and about the special and useful features they have to provide those within their walls safety and a big advantage during battles. However the best part of the day was definitely using a weapon called a Trebuchet which is like a giant catapult to destroy our castle! It was so much fun! Take a look and see!

Paul Klee

This week as part of our castles and dragons topic, we have been looking at the work of the artist Paul Klee. We looked at his painting of 'Castle and Sun' and recreated our own. We focussed on filling our castle outline with a range of 2D shapes and when it came to painting we were only given red, yellow and blue. We enjoyed colour mixing to make lots of different shades of purple, orange and green when decorating our art work.

Chinese New Year Dance Workshop!

Year 1 were extremely lucky this morning as we got to take part in a Chinese New Year dance workshop. We used special unbrellas and fans and some of us even made our own class dragon. We also enjoyed learning a bit about the special day and some of the ways it is celebrated, before sharing a traditional story about the 12 different animals represented in the Chinese calendar.

Have a look at our photos to see some of the fun we had!

Cricket Fun in Year 1!

This half term we have been practising the different skills we need to play cricket with the support of an expert cricketer Ben from Chance to Shine. We have learnt to bowl, bat and field so far and in the coming weeks we will have the chance to apply what we have learnt during some mini games.

Dragon egg found at Portway!

Today during our winter walk, we came across a glittery trail. We followed this trail and discovered an enormous egg! We are unsure where this egg has come from, what type of egg it is and why it has appeared at Portway Infants! So we are going to write letters to a Dragon Hunter to ask if she can help us and investigate our egg. We hope that she can answer our questions and give us more information on the mysterious egg.