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Portway Infant School

Portway Infant School

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Visions and Values

Our Aims and Visions

At Portway Infant School we believe every child has the right to the highest standard of education delivered by highly skilled, trained and committed staff. We work hard to establish a culture of active participation, an emotionally rich and inclusive learning environment within which every child is known and every learner supported. Happy children learn best.


Our knowledge-based, language rich curriculum has been carefully planned to engage every child through a broad range of subjects within every topic. An effective curriculum skilfully delivered creates a rich cultural capital for every child irrespective of life experiences to date. Wherever and whenever possible we make curriculum experiences real and hands on, this includes visits to hear an orchestra play, feeding animals on a farm, Indian dance workshops, visits from authors and illustrators, hatching and rearing Runner Ducks, holding and petting reptiles, birds of prey and invertebrates, we lie under the ‘stars’ in the Explorer Dome and build fires and climb trees in Forest Schools to name just a few of the curriculum enhancements we provide.


We actively seek to identify any potential barriers to learning and address these in real practical terms. Consequently, we fund our own Occupational Therapist, Play Therapist and Speech & Language Therapist as a response to the public service equivalents having long waiting lists and high thresholds for intervention. Childhood is short and unrepeatable and we have a responsibility to every child to make it as equitable as possible, as soon as possible.


We aim to find and develop everything that is exceptional in each child to help them flourish within a framework of high academic expectations. Whatever passions children follow in life we believe to be literate and numerate are non-negotiable and their acquisition will ensure every child will have every opportunity open to them in whatever field they pursue. We motivate and inspire our children to achieve their very best, to fly high and to establish firm foundations for their chosen path.

British Values