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Far Away to Japan!

We have had a lovely day visiting Japan today! 

We wrote our own wishes for Year 1, just like they write wishes on 'Tanabata' in Japan. We made some flags and we loved making our own 'Kokeshi' doll designs.

Some of us even had a go at writing our names using Japanese symbols. We even got to try some Japanese rice.

We loved learning about Japan. 


Forest School

We had our last Forest School of Year R today and my goodness what experts we are! We learnt all about what a habitat is and created one for the many bugs and insects out in the Woodland and Meadow.

We also got to spend some time in our brand new Sensory Garden which was brilliant! Alongside these activities we continued to practise our Forest School skills such as Leaf Whopping and Drilling!

I think you will see how much fun we had from all of our smiley faces...

Olympic Week

We have been learning all about the Olympics this week. We have found out about how it started, practised some of the sports with a teacher from Harrow Way and even had our own Olympic Torch which we carried around 'France' to Paris. 

Today we have had a Far Away visit to France to learn all about the country that is holding the Olympics this year and designed a flag to represent our class as well as individual flags. This afternoon the whole school went out to the field for an Opening Ceremony with our class flag and then took part in a Marathon... just like the real Olympics!! 

It has been a fantastic week!

Our Trip to the Farm!

We have had the most fabulous day visiting Longdown Activity Farm. We had to be farmers for the whole day and were in charge of making sure all the animals were fed on time. We fed the calves, kids and the goats - they were VERY hungry! We collected the eggs and took them round to the shop so they could be sold and we checked that the fields were ok - which meant going around on a tractor ride! We even had a snuggle with some chicks and guinea pigs.

We have had an exhausting but fabulous day! Some of us even found it a little tricky to keep our eyes open on the coach ride home!