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Portway Infant School

Portway Infant School

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3D Paper Sculpture

We enjoyed looking for animals at Forest School and thought that we would use paper sculpture to create 3D insects and bugs in the classroom. We thought very carefully about the shapes, colours and details that we needed for the features.....

Sports Day


We had our first Sports Day today at school. It was so lovely to see everyone back together for a whole school event. Thank you for coming to support us and the children, we so enjoyed sharing it with you!

Congratulations Red Team...... 

Congratulations Yellow Team

Congratulations Blue Team....

Platinum Jubilee Celebrations 


This week we have been learning all about her majesty Queen Elizabeth II. we have had so much fun taking part in lots of different activities including biscuit decorating and creating bunting, to celebrate her 70 years on the throne. Have a look at what we got up to!

We finished our celebrations by having a whole school street party, we got to eat yummy food, sing, dance and finished with some cake! It was so much fun!! 

Bug Hunting at Forest School

We have been out in the forest looking for animals in our woodland environment. We have found woodlice, snails, slugs, spiders and some enormous centipedes under logs! 

We looked carefully at their different features and identified them before drawing them to remember what we had found.

Petr Horacek


You might have heard that we had a very special visitor in school the last two days. The author and illustrator, Petr Horacek came to Portway to tell us all about his wonderful books and what it is like being an artist! 



He taught us lots of skills and tricks to make our pictures and bright and beautiful as possible. We were lucky enough to have a go at drawing  a picture just like Petr. 

All of our pictures were then put together to make one big picture and the end result was magical, just take a look for yourselves! 

New Life at Portway

After our very successful egg hatching, we now have 5 baby Runner Ducks...... Bob, Beth, Betty, Bart and Benjamin. They have been exploring our outside enclosure for the first time today and enjoying the sunshine!! 

We also have caterpillars and will be watching carefully as they change and grow. Do you know what will happen next in their life cycle? 

Farm Trip 


Today we visited Longdown Activity Farm. We learnt how to be farmers and looked after lots of different animals. We got to feed calves, kids and goats. We got to hold chicks and stroke baby guinea pigs (pups!). We even saw pigs, horses, ducks and chickens and were lucky enough to find some eggs and take them to the farm shop ready to be sold! After all our hard work, we were rewarded with a super fun, bumpy tractor ride! It was so bumpy we could not stop laughing! We then finished the day with some yummy lunch before returning to our coach where some of us had a snooze on the way home! We loved the farm. 

Happy Easter!!


We have had such a busy week learning about 'New Life' and Spring. We have been out looking for signs of Spring in our outside environment, learning about the flowers we can see and then drawing them, and we have even seen some tadpoles!

We then decorated our classroom, made cards, went on an Easter Egg Hunt and made some yummy chocolate nests that we enjoyed during our Easter Celebration. 

Duck Eggs


Yesterday we put our six Runner Duck eggs into the incubator. We are hoping to get Runner Ducklings in 28 days time!!!

Forest School 


Our Forest School this time was all about Fires to match our learning of real life superheroes such as Firefighters! Miss Birmingham taught us how to stay safe when lighting fires during Forest School and all the different parts you need to build a fire e.g. tinder, kindling and sticks. We learnt that some sticks are too bendy and wet as they have only just fallen from trees so we practised finding sticks that 'snapped' and which meant they were dry and good to use. 


Once Miss Birmingham showed us how to build a fire we then had a go at making our own!! After learning how to build a fire Miss Birmingham then showed us how to light a fire and we got to sing songs around the camp fire. We  learnt how to put out a fire safely and we chose to use water. 

After an exciting morning we then got to enjoy some 'Special Time' activities. 

Police Visit 


We had some very exciting visitors today! We got to meet two real life Police Officers. They came to school to tell us what it was like being a Police Officer and all the different ways they help us and our community! 

They showed us all the equipment they use to keep themselves and others safe and even let us try on their hats!! We then got to go and visit a real life Police car. We saw how the lights flash and listened to the very loud siren (We loved this part the most!!). After that PC Luke showed us all the items in the back of the Police car and what they might be used for! We had such a lovely time, we asked lots of questions and learnt lots of new things!! 

Nurse Lizzie Comes To Portway

We were so lucky to have a visit from Nurse Lizze and Stanley this week. She helped us to learn about the special clothes that she wears, the gadgets that she uses and how she helps us to stay safe. We are also bone experts now too!

We have been busy using this information to be in role as doctors and nurses ourselves in our role play Hospital and matching our learning to Hospitals too. We have been writing Patient Forms, measuring and weighing, creating moving split pin characters and using the small world.

We have also been in role as Firefighters and Police Officers ready to answer any 999 call!!

Save Our Seas


We have been learning all about Plastic in the Ocean and how it can harm the animals. We created our own posters to share our messages to other people.

World Book Day 


Today we celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as some of our favourite book characters..... I wonder if you can recognise any of them?

Book Week at Portway 


We have been sharing lots of books this week all about fishes and under the sea. We loved the gift that we got and shared 'The Whale Who Wanted More' over half term ready for our learning. We have been playing in the small world, researching fish illustrators and even did some fish illustrations ourselves using collage, drawing and pebbles...... all matching our favourite illustrations. We have absolutely loved every moment!

Cinderella Ball


We finished our Fairy Tale topic with a Cinderella Ball today. We have been practising some dances ready and then dressed up in our finest clothes after receiving invitations earlier in the week. 

We had fun dancing with our partners and then stopped for juice and canapes! 

Far Away Forest School 

Today we have been to Forest School and we have been linking it to our learning about Fairy Tales. We used clay to make faces on the trees and made a magical forest. We used things that we could find in Forest School to make the face features.

Come and meet our new friends....

We then got to enjoy having fun in the Forest doing some of our favourite activities!! 

Chinese New Year!


To celebrate Chinese New Year we decided to have a Far Away trip to China! We learnt lots about the country some of which include they have a red and yellow flag, to say hello you say Ni hao, it is the most populated country and they have mountains and deserts. 

We also learnt that during their New Year celebrations it is important to clean your home to clean away bad luck and get ready for good luck. It is a 15 day celebration and is ended with a lantern festival. 


When we arrived in China we enjoyed making flags of China, lanterns, lucky dragon masks and even practised writing a number line in Chinese symbols! Later on we enjoyed a Chinese themed lunch and then we tried some noodles and had a go at using chopsticks to eat them! We were amazing at this!!


The next day we were super excited as we got to learn some traditional Chinese dancing. We learnt the 'Lion' dance, the 'Fan' dance and finally got to end with a 'Dragon' dance. 


We had the best time learning all about China, just look at the photos below to see how much fun we had!!