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Portway Infant School

Portway Infant School

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Spring Term 2023

Spring Walk

We have been on a Spring Walk in our school grounds today. We have been finding out about different flowers that grow in Spring and learning their names. 

Then we used our Sketch Books to draw some of the flowers, thinking carefully about the shapes and colours.

Superhero Day

We have been learning all about superheroes at school...... real life and fictional. Today we had an opportunity to dress up as a superhero character (and even grown ups too!!!)

Firefighter Forest School

Today we have been to Forest School and learnt all about making fires and keeping ourselves safe near fires to match our learning in the classroom. We found out that you need to build a fire starting with a square, then you collect tinder and sticks. We made our own fire pits. 

Then we used fire steels to make some sparks. We loved doing that!

We then lit our class fire and sang songs before putting it out safely. In the afternoon we went back outside and enjoyed some of our favourite special time jobs. 

World Book Day

We have been dressing up as lots of different book characters to celebrate World Book Day..... can you guess which book we are from?

999, Emergency! 

We have had a visit from PC Luke and PC Ben who told us all about the special clothes and gadgets they have to help to keep themselves and us safe. It was all very exciting and we even got to see inside their police car and the gadgets they had so that the car kept everyone safe too!

We had a new Superhero for our role play Hospital as well....... Paramedic Ellie came to Portway and helped us with our learning and let us use our Hospital gadgets to check that she was healthy too!

Real Life Superheroes Visit Portway

On Wednesday Nurse Lizzie came to our role play Hospital to tell us all about the special clothes she wears and the gadgets she uses to keep us healthy and to help us get better when we are poorly. 
We are looking forward to our visit from Julie from Hampshire Healthy Families who will tell us all about dentists.

We also had a visit from Julie from Hampshire Healthy Families telling us all about dentists and how to keep our teeth healthy and clean. We found out that you need to brush your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes and which foods are healthy for our teeth. We had lots of fun practising our teeth brushing skills!

 Cinderella's Ball


We were super excited that the day of the Ball had finally arrived and we were even more excited to see that Cinderella had been invited to the ball after all. We all put on our best outfits and went to the banquet hall. We got to dance with different partners, remembering our ballroom dancing we had learnt in P.E., and even got to enjoy drinks and canapés, all before the clock struck midnight! 


Have a look at the photos below to see how much fun we had! 


Far Away Forest School

We have been learning all about Fairy Tales at school and have even taken our learning to Forest School by creating our own magical forest full of friendly faces to help Hansel and Gretel find their way home. 

We used clay as a base and found objects from our environment to stick into the clay to make the features for our faces.

We have also been busy doing some of our favourite Forest School jobs.... come and see what we have been up to!

Far Away Visit to China

It was the Lunar New Year yesterday so we got out our passports and flew off to China where lots of people celebrate. Red is a lucky colour so we got dressed in red clothes and got busy making chinese lanterns, flags, dragon masks and practised using chopsticks and writing chinese numbers. We decorated our classroom and listened to chinese music, aswell as building 'megacities' and pagodas just like the ones in China. 


In the afternoon we celebrated by eating prawn crackers and noodles..... they were delicious!! 

Chinese Dance Workshop

We were so lucky today to have a dance workshop to learn a special dragon dance to help us with our learning about China. 

We did our warm-up first and then learnt the moves for our very own Dragon Dance story. 

Winter Walk 

With the cold weather we had this week we thought it was the perfect opportunity to learn about the Winter season and the changes that have happened since Autumn. We spoke about the freezing weather that has been below 0 degrees, the leaves falling off the trees and rotting away and how animals go into hibernation to keep warm over the cold months. 


After our learning we went off to explore the school grounds and see if we could spot the signs of Winter! We also checked on our ice decoration experiment to see if they had frozen over night! We found out that we needed to use a lot of water for it to work best as those who chose to use a small amount was not strong enough to stay together! We hung them up in the sun and checked on them in the afternoon to find that they had melted away because of the heat from the sun! 

Gymnastics Shapes 


We have been learning about the 5 gymnastics shapes in P.E. today ready to make our own sequences.


The shapes we learnt were: 


Straight shape

Star shape

Tuck shape

Pike shape

and Straddle shape

Kandinsky Concentric Circles

We have been learning lots about the artist Wassily Kandinsky this week and how he used colours and shapes for his art work rather than painting people or places. 

We decided to make our own concentric circles just like him, and used our skills of drawing around shapes and cutting with scissors to make our own art.