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Once Upon a Time........

We had a visit from the Fairy Godmother who has left a poster because things have been going missing in Fairy Tale Land. So far we have found a bundle of sticks from the story of the '3 Little Pigs', a little girl with a red cape on and today we even found some peas from the story of 'The Princess and the Pea'. 

We have been very busy matching our learning to different Fairy Tales and sending cards from the 'Far Far Away Post Office'. 


We have been learning about the artist Kandinsky this week. He loved colours and shapes so we have enjoyed making art using different colours and shapes too!

We practised our technology skills to draw around different sized circles to cut out and make into our own concentric circles just like Kandinsky.

Here are all of the concentric circles that we made.....

We are displaying our concentric circles in our Central Area for everyone to see.

Because Kandinsky was born in Russia, we had a 'Far Away Friday' to visit there today. We boarded our plane and learnt all about the country before we got there. We needed our coats on because it is very cold in Russia at the moment!

When we got to Russia, we were very busy making flags and balalaikas. We also used Russian letters to write our names and had some Russian dolls which get smaller and smaller as you open them.

In Russia, people celebrate 'Novy God', or New Year, at this time of year with trees, decorations and a special salad . We celebrated today too and decorated our class tree and made potato and vegetable salad to eat and then had blinis with soured cream. 

Novy God to everyone!

Ice Science

Now that the season has changed to Winter and it has been so cold the last couple of days, we decided to change our learning from making Christmas decorations to making ice decorations!

It is something you can do at home too, you just need low temperatures, containers and some wool or string.

Collect some interesting things from outside, put them in your container with some water and a piece of string and wait for it to freeze.


When the ice has frozen, you can tip it out and hang your decoration up.

They look great hanging up in the trees. I wonder how long they will take to melt!!

Christmas Dinner

Today we had our Christmas dinner. It was absolutely delicious and there were lots of empty plates. A big thank you to the Portway kitchen for our lunch and the Portway PTA for our presents too..... the children were absolutely delighted with their gift!! 

Hubble's Birthday

We have been learning about birthdays and we gave Hubble his very first birthday party. We made hats, cards and decorations and then celebrated with Hubble. We played musical chairs, sang him 'Happy Birthday' and had a cake. We had lots of fun!!

Penguin Pete

A huge well done to all of the children for their fabulous performance of Penguin Pete. They were so excited to share their hard work with you and enjoyed every moment. Well done to everybody!

Bear Hunt Dance

We made up our own dance to the words of the Bear Hunt story. I wonder if you can tell which bit of the story is in each of the pictures!

Our Bear Hunt Collage

We used collage to make the different places in the Bear Hunt story.

Can you see us hiding in the picture?

We're Going on a Bear Hunt!

We went on our own Bear Hunt through a gate, over the steps, around the playground and between the trees. We finished at the fire pit and found Hubble and 2 big bags of Bedtime Bears!!

You might want to use these photos to retell the story of Duckling Bear Hunt. Remember to use the repeated story language and 'Listening Walk' words so that it matches our learning. 


Then we went to Forest School. 

We made our own camouflage crowns to keep us hidden for our hunts and then went on Treasure Hunts, Bug Hunts and Animals Hunts. Some of us cooked in the Mud Kitchen so that we had a nice, warm meal inside us and other children set up dens so that we would have somewhere cosy to sleep! 

What did you enjoy doing?

Diwali Dance Workshop

We have had a Diwali Dance workshop today. We made up a dance which told the story of Rama and Sita. We really enjoyed it and learnt lots of different dance moves to match the music.

Far Away Friday to India

We got our passports out and got on the plane to go to New Delhi to celebrate Diwali.

While we were in India we did lots of activities to help us learn about celebrating Diwali. We made jewellery, decorations, Rangoli patterns and sweets. We also drew pictures of fireworks and made music with the instruments. It has been a very busy day!!

Our Poppy Pebbles.

Remembrance Day

Today is the 11th day of the 11th month and we have been remembering the soldiers and learning about why we wear poppies. 

At 11 o'clock we all stopped and joined in with the 2 minute silence. Then we made our own poppy pebble to remember and say thank you to soldiers for keeping us safe. 

Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see?

I see a .............

....looking at me!


We have been busy creating new characters for the Brown Bear story. We designed our animal first and then used collage to create a paper plate mask.

Here are all of our masks for you to use to retell the Duckling Brown Bear story. Can you use the repeated story language that Bill Martin Jr used when he wrote it?

Autumn Leaves

We have noticed that the big oak tree outside our classroom has got some brown leaves on which are beginning to drop now that it is Autumn. We have also been talking about how the days are getting longer and the weather is changing so we all went outside and had lots of fun at school exploring the autumn leaves in the wind yesterday.

If you get time, why not get your wellies on and go out and kick though the leaves yourselves in your garden or out on a walk over half term! 

Watch out for seasonal changes as we move towards winter!


We have been doing bike P.E.!! We have so many different bikes at Portway, some even use your hands to move along!