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Click on Spring Term to see what we have been up to recently. 

Christmas Assembly

Today we were lucky enough to be joined by some Portway parents and grandparents for our Christmas assembly in the hall. The grown ups impressed us with their musical talent and we could name many different instruments. What a lovely way to come together and sing some well known Christmas carols. Thank you to our wonderful performers for joining us.

Buttons' Birthday

We have been learning all about birthdays and how it is a celebration of the day that we were born. Then we realised that Buttons had never had a birthday so we decided to give him a surprise birthday. First we needed to make cards, decorations and party hats ......

Then we were ready to celebrate!!

Buttons was very surprised when he came out of his bag this morning to find all of his surprises. He loved reading his cards and joining in with the party games. He also enjoyed having his very own birthday cake when everyone sang to him and got very excited to join in with the dancing.

I think that everyone had a lot of fun!!

Autumn Kings and Queens!

We have been learning all about the change in season and what happens in Autumn. Then we went out to find signs of Autumn and to collect things to stick on our Autumn crowns ready to be 'Autumn Kings and Queens'!! 

We're Going on a Bear Hunt!!

We went on a real Bear Hunt today and found our Bedtime Bears. We used the repeated language from the original story to make up our own and went through the squeaky gate...... splashed through the puddles ....... scuffed across the grass ...... stumbled through the forest.... scrunched through the leaves ....... until we found our real bears!!

You could retell the story as you look through our Bear Hunt photos.

We had lots of fun at Special Time too....... which did get quite muddy!! 

We had sunshine and some rain......... but we also got a rainbow! 

Portway Library

We went on a visit to our school Library today with Mrs Doney.


Mrs Doney showed us some of the books that we might like to borrow and how to find any non-fiction books if we have any particular interests that we like to learn about. She also showed us our library tickets.

We are looking forward to taking books home to share with our adults. Our Library Day is going to be Wednesdays so watch out for a new book coming home to share for a whole week!

Celebrating Diwali

We have been learning all about Diwali at school. We started with a 'Far Away Day' to India and found out all about how people celebrate Diwali and the different things that they do. 

We were also lucky enough to have a Diwali Dance Workshop and made up a dance to match the story of Rama and Sita. 

We even used all of our new learning to celebrate Diwali in our 'Family House'!

Making Sandwiches

We have been learning about Harvest this week and how the wheat from the fields goes to the flour mill and then to the Bakery to make bread. We decided that we would pretend that our classroom was Burbidges Bakery and practise our spreading and cutting skills by making sandwiches to take home for our tea. We had a choice of bread and fillings and learnt how to use a bridge cut to cut the sandwich into pieces to share with our family at home. 

Forest School

We have been to Forest School today and found out all about how to keep ourselves safe. We put out hazard flags wherever we saw something that might be a danger or hurt us and then played a game to stop us getting lost called '1, 2, 3 where are you?'

Then we went digging, bug hunting, cooking lunch in the Mud Kitchen and making marble runs..... it was lots of fun.

In the afternoon, Miss Birmingham taught us how to make dens and then we practised making dens of our own before tidying the forest and getting ready for home. It was a very busy day and we can't wait until our next visit!!

Pablo Picasso

We have been learning all about the artist Pablo Picasso. We found out that he liked to make colourful faces with bits facing forwards and sideways. 

We used photographs of our faces to make our own artwork in the style of Pablo and practised our scissor skills to cut out our features to stick down. We had lots of fun and laughed a lot!! 

The Family House

We have been learning that we all have different families and do different things at home. Today we went to our role play house and discovered quite how many jobs there are to do! We have been busy cooking dinner, doing the washing, looking after the baby and dog and relaxing with a book or infront of the televsion. We are quite worn out!!! 

Friday Bike Day

The sun was shining so we decided to go on our bikes and trikes this morning. We had lots of fun and got some exercise too!! 

Welcome to Duckling Class 2022!!

We have had such a busy first week at school. We have been making friends and finding out about all of the different places we have inside and outside our classroom. Come and see what we have been up to ....... 

Vincent Van Gogh

We have absolutely loved learning about the artist Vincent Van Gogh this week and looking at some of his pictures. We used lots of the different art skills that we have learnt during the year to make our own version of his pictures, including collage, oil pastels and even Lego!!