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Portway Infant School

Portway Infant School

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Art at Portway Infant School


Art engages, inspires and challenges pupils giving them the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art. At Portway we deliver art in an engaging and topic led curriculum so that all children experience working with a range of media. This allows us to explore a range of materials, tools and techniques. Children are taught skills in drawing, painting, printing, collage, clay and model making. Cross curricular links are made where ever possible, enabling children to match their learning making connections to broaden their learning and understanding. We motivate and inspire our children to achieve their very best, to fly high and to establish firm foundations for their chosen path.




    A Portway artist  

    • Produces creative work through exploring their ideas and recording their experiences
    • Explores and develops their drawing, painting, sculpture and other art, craft and design techniques
    • Evaluates and analyses artistic works using the language of art, craft and design.
    • Knows about great artists and understands the historical development of their art forms.

    Whole school art projects take place with a visiting artist or linked to county art installation s. Every year the author Petr Horacek visits our school to share his story of how art and writing have shaped his life. Children have the opportunity to create a whole school piece of art work with the help or Petr in year R. Then when they are in year 1 and 2 they get to show off their sketching talents and have the opportunity to ask Petr questions.


    Other projects have included children decorating a Lego brick or character, which all came together to create a display titled ‘Stronger Together’.  

    Displays around the school celebrate children’s work, which they feel proud of and can use as a reminder to match their learning during independent learning. Displays reflect the importance the school places on art in its broad and balanced curriculum.


    In year R the children follow the Early Years Curriculum and have access to a range of resources and media. Over the course of the year children will learn how to safely use and explore a variety of materials, tools and techniques, experimenting with colour, design, texture, form and function. They will use the world around them such as leaves and vegetables to explore printing. Paint brushes, pencils, crayons allow them to develop their mark making in writing and demonstrate their skills in drawing, sketching and painting. Children will then share their creations with their class or a friend, explaining the process they have used.

     In year 1 and 2, children continue their learning through the National Curriculum and develop their skills further.


    Children will explore and develop their skills in

    • Drawing
    • Sculpture
    • Printing and textiles
    • Access art and ideas through the use of ICT
    • Painting
    • Collage
    • Artists and their art work


    Each child from Year R is given their own sketchbook that shows their journey of observational drawing, creative work and drawing in the style of famous artists. They enable children to look back on their work to evaluate, analyse and reflect. Please see the attached Curriculum map to see the areas of learning and art lessons that take place throughout your child’s time at Portway.