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Portway Infant School

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Chinese New Year

Year 2 were extremely lucky last week as we got to take part in a Chinese New Year workshop. We were introduced to the 12 different animals of the Chinese calendar and were excited to find out that this year we are celebrating the year of the dragon. The fun didn’t stop there though as we got to perform a traditional Chinese dance and even form our own class dragon! The Chinese believe that the longer the dragon, the more luck you will get.


Forest School

Today we ventured out in the wet for a fantastic day using our amazing school grounds. We enjoyed using our measuring skills alongside our newly learned skills of cutting and hammering as we created a stool to replace the one broken by Goldilocks. We had to make a shelter that would keep the rain off us, a perfect activity for today! We were all especially excited to go on a hidden trail through the woodland to find clues from different traditional tales before creating clay faces to match one of the characters.

Willow Pattern Day

We loved ending our week with a special Willow Pattern Day. We created our own plate based on the style of the Willow Pattern. We designed our own Pagodas and painted them using different tones of blue for effect. Then after lunch we turned our hand to creating 3D pagodas using different construction kits.

Have a look at our fantastic work!

Green Cross Code Workshop

Year 2 enjoyed a road safety workshop this afternoon where they were able to learn about how to keep safe when near or crossing a road. The children identified safe places to cross when out and about and thought about what to do when there is no specific place to cross.

They all enjoyed singing a song about road safety too!

Remember......stop, look, listen, think!

Visit to the Orchestra

Year 2 had a great time at the Children’s Concert in Southampton. After a fun coach journey, we found our seats in the Central Hall and we were very excited for what was to come! We especially liked the magician on stage who turned a piece of paper into the conductor's baton – wow! It was wonderful to see so many new instruments as well as some we already knew and we listened carefully to each piece of music. Sometimes we even pretended to conduct the orchestra ourselves! What a fantastic morning we had!

Story Sticks

This week we listened to the story and music of Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev. We loved learning about the different characters and their personalities. Part of our learning is to retell the story and this is why we created our story sticks. We used different fabrics and wools to represent the characters and places in the story. If you look closely at our sticks can you see the different characters and events that happen in the story?

Christmas Assembly

Today we were lucky enough to be joined by some very talented Portway parents for our Christmas assembly in the hall. The grown ups impressed us with their musical talent and it was lovely to see so many different instruments. What a great way to come together and sing some well known Christmas carols! Thank you to our wonderful performers for joining us.

Spoon Angels

This week we have been learning about the role of angels in the Christmas Story. We then created our own spoon angels! Look below at how beautiful they are!

Bamboo Tamboo concert!

This term we have been learning how to play Bamboo Tamboo with Mrs Moore from Hampshire Music Service and we have been recreating the sounds of the Caribbean using our percussion instruments. This week we were excited to perform in a concert with a full audience! A huge thank you to Mrs Moore who has shown such hard work and dedication this term. We are excited for the rest of our music lessons this year!

Penguin Bottles

We had such a great time designing and creating our own type of penguin. We carefully planned which penguin we wanted to make. We used paper and paste carefully to mould our penguin shape and then chose suitable materials to match our plan and decorate. We are very proud of the results. Have a look at our wonderful photos!

Antarctica Dance

We have loved our dance lessons this term in Year 2! As Antarctica explorers, we made sure we were wearing the correct clothing for the freezing temperatures, we waddled on the ice like penguins and even created different shapes of icebergs!

Penguin Day

Today was Penguin Day and what a great day we had! We were each given an egg to look after for the entire day. We created our brood pouches using a range of materials to help keep our egg safe, warm and dry. It was so lovely reading some of our favourite books to them during the school day. We then created our penguin enclosures following our designs to make sure the penguins needs were all met. We finished the day by practising the first part of a 'Penguin Dance' which was made all the more exciting because we were dressed as penguins!