Hawk Conservancy

What a fabulous day we had at The Hawk Conservancy! After a short journey we started our day with sketching and discovering as much as possible about the birds. We followed this with the Vulture Feed! We were surprised by how quickly they managed to swallow their food. Next we saw the Wings of Africa display. We had to duck quite a lot! The Secretary Bird made us laugh as it karate kicked a rubber snake. After lunch we had more time to explore before ending our day with the Valley of the Eagles display. The vultures flew so low they almost hit our heads. We were damp but happy as we returned to school.

The Rainbow Theatre

The Rainbow Theatre

Yesterday, I felt nervous and excited.  Should I tell you why?  We walked quickly but quietly to the hall.  The Rainbow Theatre was there...

First of all we had to pretend to travel back in time to The Great Fire of London and the plague.  I sang ‘Ring o’ ring o’ roses’ and I had to say ‘cheers’.  Then I ran into the middle of the hall and I said ‘Fire, Fire in Pudding Lane’ and then I ran back to my mat with the other people.  Our teachers pretended to be the great fire of London and burnt lots of poor streets and old wooden houses.  The Rainbow Theatre brought in a really really cool smoke machine so it looked really cool when the children were escaping from the bakery.  Every time something happened music suddenly went on.

What an amazing time we had!



The Rainbow Theatre

You’ll never believe what happened yesterday.  A very different theatre company visited us and its name was The Rainbow Theatre.  When I walked in it looked a bit boring.  They asked us to imagine we were in the great fire and to pack our most precious belongings.  Then we put them into pretend bags.  In my bag I put a noisy chicken, a pig-bladder football, a giant water bottle, a yummy pizza, delicious sausages and some chocolate for a treat.  After that they got us into acting groups.

Soon the dog killers dragged me and Lucy into their house and wanted to kill us because we were spreading the plague but it was pretend.  When they did I fainted and that was also pretend.  At the same time Thomas Mason sadly got the plague and he died. 

At the Great Fire of London part the Farrynor family checked the oven, which was a bench.  Then they used an amazing smoke machine for the fire and our teachers were also the flickering fire.  The people in there walked carefully across very long benches (you should get some).  Tiegan was the timid maid and she was too scared to walk across so she died.  Good thing it wasn’t real.  They used bomb sound effects to show how they blew up the Tudor houses and we had to duck, it was very fun.  Soon after Samuel Pepys went on a wooden rowing boat and wrote in his long diary.  By now the very hot fire had destroyed everything.

After that drama, Sir Christopher Wren came and he wanted to rebuild London.  His plans were to give St Paul’s Cathedral a mighty dome and to make wider streets.  When it was finished I was very happy and I thought it was the best day ever even though I was a bit worried that it would be boring to start with.

Lucas C

The Rainbow Theatre

Yesterday after the register, you’ll never guess what we did!  Should I tell you?  So I will tell you.  We all walked quickly and quietly into the hall and packed our bags. 

It all began in 1665 and 1666 (the great plague and the great fire of London).  We all got given a part but I didn’t like my part because I was one of Thomas Mason’s children.  Thomas came home very ill and he died of the plague because our dogs carried lots and lots of fleas.  A quack doctor came but it wasn’t helpful so people came round to collect the dead body. 

The next part started in Thomas Farrinor’s small bakery on Pudding Lane when everybody was told to get out but Teigan didn’t, so sadly she died.  The escape was very exciting because there was a smoke machine and Brooklyn had to walk across a balancing beam because he was pretending that he was on a roof top.  The people with signs held them up and we all screamed because fire was raging towards us.  People tried to get away so soldiers pulled houses down.  Then Sir Christopher Wren came out of a corner and had a plan of what the new London should look like so they rebuilt St Paul’s Cathedral with a magnificent dome.  What an amazing time we had!



Forest School

What a fantastic day we have had! Year 2 enjoyed spending the day outside in the school grounds with the sun shining. We explored the woodland: climbing trees, building dens, hunting for bugs, making clay faces and building fires.

World Down Syndrome Day 2019

IMG_0514 (1).jpg

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

Today our school was brightened up by lots of colourful socks to help raise money for Andover Twenty1! We learned about Down Syndrome in assembly and celebrated difference together.

The idea of ‘Lots of Socks’ is that chromosomes look like socks under the microscope, and people with Down Syndrome have an extra chromosome.

Thank you to everyone who joined in and made a donation!

World Book Day

On Thursday we dressed up as our favourite story characters for World Book Day! Our day began with sharing our amazing costumes and talking about our characters.  After a story themed lunch, we drew our own London skyline book marks to take home and to use in our World Book Day books.  What an amazing day we enjoyed!

Can you guess who we are in the photos?  If you dressed up then who would you like to be?

Year 2 at The Children's Orchestra

Year 2 were very lucky to travel to Southampton on a huge coach to see The Children’s Orchestra.  The children were captivated by the talented musicians, the flamboyant conductor and the skilful magician who linked the performance together.

Emilia’s favourite part was the end because the children got to sing a song called ‘It’s an Ark’ and they had to keep singing BANG SAW THUMP CRASH. Barnaby liked the loud noises because he loves loud things.  They were amazing!  The last instrument that entered the concert hall was the tuba and it was the loudest.  Ava Mae liked it when all the violins were playing together because it was happy music and it made her feel happy.  Cameron and Myla liked the magician because he was funny and very clever.

Project 215

Come and see our Year 2 soldier at Vigo Road Recreation Ground on 10th November. He represents one of the 215 soldiers from Andover who were killed during World War 1. We decorated our soldier with pastel drawings of the trenches and labels showing the gifts the children would have sent to the soldiers.


Year 2 Roald Dahl Day

Year 2 enjoyed a special Roald Dahl day when they dressed up as their favourite Roald Dahl characters and took part in an Enormous Crocodile drama workshop. 

This then gave them some ideas for their puppet designs.  They worked very hard to plan their paper patterns for their puppets.