Longdown Farm Trip!

On Friday we had the most amazing trip to Longdown Farm to be farmers for a day!

We were all very excited about going on the coach and after talking about how to keep safe for the day we set off on our adventure.

When we got there we met Farmer Brian who would be leading us around the farm for the day. He asked Farmer Joseph to squirt some special cream on our hands so that we could put them in the ‘Germinator’ later to check we had washed them properly. Farmer Logan did a great job of checking us all - even the grown ups!

Cream applied, Farmer Sam and Farmer Anna raced to give us all plates to feed the goats with. We loved this job and laughed at all the goats trying to push their heads through the fence to get the food!

Next we headed to another barn where Farmer Rosetta and Farmer Toby handed us bottles of milk to feed the Kids. We had to count down and then all the Kids came bounding out to drink the milk!

Then onto the hen house where Farmer Jensen and Farmer Olivia helped us to collect the eggs and take them around to the shop. We only had one accident so 27 eggs arrived safely!

Our next job was to handle the chicks. Farmer Ewan held a bucket full of tiny chicks while Farmer Luna gave them out for everyone to hold. At the end Farmer Brian found a missing chick in Farmer Luna’s Hood!!

With no time to waste we quickly moved onto the Rabbits and Guinea pigs where Farmer Amelia and Farmer Liam ensured we were kind and careful in handling them.

Next was one of the most exciting bits of the day. We got to go on a bumpy tractor ride! Farmer Chloe and Farmer Harry got on first and then called us up one by one to take our seats. There was a lot of laughter as we were taken around the fields!

Farmer Elsie and Farmer Mason took us to see Pearl the ENORMOUS shire horse. We stood well back while Farmer Mason gave Pearl a mint to eat with Farmer Brian’s help.

After working so hard it was finally time to feed ourselves! so we sat on some hay bales and demolished our lunch before getting on the coach to come back to school - where some of us couldn’t resist a little snooze!

Have a look at our photo’s. Do you think we had fun? We do!