Goslings go to the forest!

We have had a fabulous day in the forest today for our forest school day!

We started our day by choosing our very own forest name which we are only allowed to use when we are in the forest!

We then learnt all about all the hazards that we might find in the forest. We used hazard flags to mark any places that we think might have danger, including sharp branches, prickly leaves and stumps in the ground. We did not find any ‘rattle snakes’ even though this was a suggestion!

We had some free time to explore the different forest areas and familiarise ourselves with our surroundings.

After playtime we used clay to make faces on the trees and added twigs and leaves for detail. We are quite the artists!

After lunch we had one of the highlights of our day. We made our own camp fire, sang some camp fire songs, told some camp fire stories and ate marshmallows!

During the afternoon we could hunt for bugs, use the mud kitchen in the forest, make our own stick fires and generally explore the forest!

We finished our day with a closing circle telling each other our favourite part of the day.

We felt like the luckiest children EVER as we got the full forest experience with ALL types of weather…rain…sun…rain…sun….hail….sun…cloud…sun…hail!!

“IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER” was the quote from some of the children!

Have a look at our photo’s and see what you think!