Farmer Goslings!

On Wednesday we went to Longdown Farm. We were really excited!


"We went on a coach. When we got there we had to put some cream on our hands so they could check we were washing our hands properly with soap."

"We fed the kids with hot milk, they were very excited and they tried to climb on us. They charged to us. It was funny and a little bit scary."

"We held a baby guinea pig (called a pup). It was 1 week old and we held a chick and one pooed on Leila!."

"We fed the big goats with goat food on plates. It looked like wood, but it wasn't."

"The slides in the hay bales were fun."

"We sat on the hay bales to have our lunch."

"Leo and Harry fell asleep on the way home."

Words by Gosling Class children.