Wassily Kandinsky

We have been learning about a new artist in Gosling Class this week. His name is Wassily Kandinsky. Ask your child what they know about him. Can you find out anything else about him?

We found out that he loved colours and could relate colours to feelings. 

We decided to be Kandinsky for the day and recreate his most famous painting "Squares with Concentric Circles. We are making our own 'Kandinsky Magical Forest'.

We chose our own colours and made circles of different sizes to cut out. Look at how much concentration we needed!


Here are the final circles!


If you would like to see the final piece of work come to Show and Share on the 5th February where you will see it displayed in the middle area of year R!

Some of the children in Goslings were so inspired by Kandinsky that they chose to do their own Kandinsky style artwork!