Goslings go to the forest!

We have had a fabulous day in the forest today for our forest school day!

We started our day by choosing our very own forest name which we are only allowed to use when we are in the forest!

We then learnt all about all the hazards that we might find in the forest. We used hazard flags to mark any places that we think might have danger, including sharp branches, prickly leaves and stumps in the ground. We did not find any ‘rattle snakes’ even though this was a suggestion!

We had some free time to explore the different forest areas and familiarise ourselves with our surroundings.

After playtime we used clay to make faces on the trees and added twigs and leaves for detail. We are quite the artists!

After lunch we had one of the highlights of our day. We made our own camp fire, sang some camp fire songs, told some camp fire stories and ate marshmallows!

During the afternoon we could hunt for bugs, use the mud kitchen in the forest, make our own stick fires and generally explore the forest!

We finished our day with a closing circle telling each other our favourite part of the day.

We felt like the luckiest children EVER as we got the full forest experience with ALL types of weather…rain…sun…rain…sun….hail….sun…cloud…sun…hail!!

“IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER” was the quote from some of the children!

Have a look at our photo’s and see what you think!

Superhero Day!

We have had a great day being real life and imaginary superheroes!

Can you guess who we are?

What is your secret superhero power?


We were very lucky to have Martial Arts World come to visit us at school on Monday. They taught us how to do lots of martial art moves and how to jump change to different positions. We had an amazing time and spent the rest of the day being superhero ninjas!

World Down Syndrome Day 2019

IMG_0514 (1).jpg

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

Today our school was brightened up by lots of colourful socks to help raise money for Andover Twenty1! We learned about Down Syndrome in assembly and celebrated difference together.

The idea of ‘Lots of Socks’ is that chromosomes look like socks under the microscope, and people with Down Syndrome have an extra chromosome.

Thank you to everyone who joined in and made a donation!

World Book Day

We had a great day today celebrating World Book Day. We dressed up as our favourite book characters and even had our very own fashion show!

Can you tell which book we are from?

Police visit Portway


We had a lovely time when two police officers came to visit us to tell us all about their jobs. We found out about the special uniform they wear and all the different gadgets they carry around with them. We asked lots of questions and learnt lots of new things.

We then had an extra special treat of looking around a police van and a police car, we even got locked into the back of the van and learnt how to use the Taser!

Thank you WPC Noble and PC Cook!

Wassily Kandinsky

Who is this man? What do you know about him?


Can you find any of his famous pictures and tell us which one you like best and why.

Our Cinderella Ball!

We had a lovely time at our Cinderella ball. We had to choose different children to dance with and we practised our repeating pattern dances with each other.

Cinderella got to come to the ball too!

After lots of dancing we then had to collect some refreshment for ourselves and our partner, asking them which drink they would prefer! We had canape’s to eat and then some more dancing.

When the triangle chimed midnight Cinderella disappeared leaving her shoe behind her and the magic ended.

Have a look at our photographs to see the fun.

‘Warm and Fuzzies’ & ‘Cold and Pricklies’

This week in Circle Time we have been finding out about how our choices affect other people. When we do or say nice things to other people that makes them feel ‘warm and fuzzy’. What have you done to make someone feel ‘warm and fuzzy’?

When we do or say unkind things to other people that makes them feel ‘cold and prickly’. Has this ever happened to you? What could you do to turn a ‘cold and prickly’ into a ‘warm and fuzzy’? Saying sorry is a good way to repair a bad choice.


Can you make someone at home feel ‘warm and fuzzy’ this week? We would love to hear about your good choices on a Wow Moment to share at school!

1 Less

This week we have been learning about 1 less. Can you find the answers to these problems?


If the Giant had 4 coins in his money bag and Jack took 1 away, how many coins would be left?

If the Giant had 10 coins in his money bag and Jack took 1 away, how many coins would be left?

Can you think of any more problems to work out?

Try using these words in your number problems….. less, take away, count back.


Our Lost Bear's Birthday!

After reading the story of ‘Ruff’ By Jane Hissey. We decided to have a birthday party for our own lost bear ‘Hubble’.

We planned and prepared a wonderful surprise and on Tuesday held a great party.

We had dancing and games of musical chairs, musical statues and pin the tale on the sheep!

We sang happy birthday to Hubble and shared a birthday cake!

We know Hubble had fun, but we had lots of fun too!

We're going on a Bear Hunt!

We did some collage of the different places from the bear hunt story.

Can you see us in the picture?

Autumn Wellie Walk

We had a great time on our Wellie Walk looking for signs of autumn!

Can you see what we found?

We went on a Bear Hunt!

“We’re going on a bear hunt.

We’re going to catch a big one.

What a cold day.

We’re not scared!”

We went:

Through the gate…. Creak Creak, Creak Creak!

Over the steps…. Step Stomp, Step Stomp!

Through the tree’s……Stumble trip, Stumble trip!

Through the tunnel…..Creep creep, Creep creep!

Over the mountain……. Slip slide, Slip slide!

Across the dry river bed…..Stomp crumble, Stomp crumble!

Into the cave!

One soft brown nose….Two fluffy ears….Two shiny black eyes!

We found a friendly BEAR!


The 215

Come and see our Year R soldier at Vigo Road Recreation Ground on 10th November. He represents one of the 215 soldiers from Andover who were killed during World War 1. We decorated our soldier with poppies that the children made to remember them and photographs of our learning about World War 1 at school.

World War 1 Week.

We have been learning all about WW1 this week.

We have been busy creating landscapes in our tuft spots and sand trays, marching to our soldier song, creating meals for the soldiers in our mud kitchen as well as shelters for them in our building and den areas and getting creative making tanks and aircraft with junk modelling.

We have also written letters to soldiers and decided what we would have sent to them in a food parcel.

We have rationed our fruit by using tickets to have fruit from the shop at fruit times and used our play trays to plant vegetables pretending to be the land girls.

We made a soldier of our own and a poppy to remember and say thank you to the soldiers in World War 1.


We have been practising our pencil grip and strengthening our core muscles using WriteDance at school in readiness for writing. We used big movements to draw circles and eights in the air with rainbow scarves, matching them to the music, before drawing them down on paper.

If you would like to help at home you could strengthen hand muscles by squeezing sponges at bath time, watering the garden with spray bottles or screwing up old newspaper in to tiny balls – don’t forget to use both hands!

All of our hand control activities help to develop a good pencil grip.

Counting and Numbers

We have been learning all about numbers and counting this week. We have found lots of different things to count at school. What can you find to count at home?


Don’t forget….. always move the objects when you count them so that you know when to stop! How many have you counted?