Open Box Theatre Workshop

We enjoyed having ‘Open Box Theatre’ to visit us at Portway today. We used our imagination to move as different toys and then worked together to make up a story about toys that came alive at night while Geppetto was asleep. We were amazing at being soldiers, teddies, puppets, musical boxes, trains and a Jack in the Box. During the story, all of the toys were still on their shelves until the toy train came and woke them up. Every time Geppetto woke up, the toys were still until he went back to sleep again. They even had a party in the middle of the night!

Which toy character were you?


We have been learning about a new artist called Van Gogh. We found out lots of things about him and the paintings he created.

We especially liked his 'Sunflowers' painting and we decided to make our own sunflower paintings.

We thought carefully about which colours to choose and which brush size we needed. Which painting do you like the best?


Tennis in Year R!

We were very lucky today to have some tennis coaching. We began to learn how to bounce and catch a ball ready to serve and to use our racket to balance and control the tennis ball.

The coach was very impressed with our listening and P.E. skills.


Mental Health Awareness Week

As part of our Mental Health Awareness Week we have been learning about how we are all different but very special, each in our own way. We read the story ‘Only One You’ by Linda Kranz and painted our own rocks to represent ourselves. Some of us painted beautiful patterns, some chose to paint a picture, we all chose special colours…each rock is unique and beautiful!

We have hidden our rocks around the outside area…can you see any of them when you come to Show and Share this week?


Farmer Goslings!

On Wednesday we went to Longdown Farm. We were really excited!


"We went on a coach. When we got there we had to put some cream on our hands so they could check we were washing our hands properly with soap."

"We fed the kids with hot milk, they were very excited and they tried to climb on us. They charged to us. It was funny and a little bit scary."

"We held a baby guinea pig (called a pup). It was 1 week old and we held a chick and one pooed on Leila!."

"We fed the big goats with goat food on plates. It looked like wood, but it wasn't."

"The slides in the hay bales were fun."

"We sat on the hay bales to have our lunch."

"Leo and Harry fell asleep on the way home."

Words by Gosling Class children.


White Day!

We have been learning about World War 1 this week and how it finished 100 years ago this year. We had a White Day on Wednesday as a symbol of peace and remembrance and to celebrate the end of the fighting.

We all made a white flower to help us say ‘thank you’ to the soldiers.


Superhero Day!

We had a great time on our superhero day. We dressed up as our favourite superhero. 

Can you guess who we are?


We also had our P.E session with Martial Art World. We were awesome Ninjas!


Which superhero would you be?

World Book Day!

At last we got to enjoy our World Book Day! The children came in some fabulous costumes and we had our very own catwalk parade! Can you guess who we are?

Police Visit

Today we had a visit from the police. We had a turn in the police car and in the police van.

Mrs Mundy was handcuffed and locked in the back of the police van! It was just pretend, the police officer was showing us how to use the handcuffs!

They set the sirens on so we could hear them and they put the flashing lights on.

It was the police officers birthday so we sang happy birthday to him.

Then we went to the hall and Mrs Noble and Poppy’s mummy (Mrs Harris) talked to us about the stuff on their belts and their uniform.

We got to hold some of their equipment.

We loved it!

By Gosling Class.

Year R Goes To London!!

We have had the most amazing time learning about London. We went on a class London bus to learn all about the famous landmarks that you can visit in our capital city and got off at different bus stops to visit London Bridge, the Tower of London, The Portrait Gallery, Buckingham Palace and The Olympic Stadium. We have done lots of building of bridges, making crowns for the Queen to keep in the Tower, designing new flags for the Palace and making portraits of the Kings and Queens of Portway! We also found out about Big Ben, The Shard and The Gherkin and made a 3D city around the River Thames. What a busy week!

Cinderella Ball!

We had a fabulous time at the ball on Thursday. We used our repeating patterns dancing from our P.E lessons to dance with our partner.

We had canapes to eat and squash to drink. When the clock struck midnight we had to return to our castle classrooms before the magic ended!

Have a look at our photos to see what fun we had.


Wassily Kandinsky

We have been learning about a new artist in Gosling Class this week. His name is Wassily Kandinsky. Ask your child what they know about him. Can you find out anything else about him?

We found out that he loved colours and could relate colours to feelings. 

We decided to be Kandinsky for the day and recreate his most famous painting "Squares with Concentric Circles. We are making our own 'Kandinsky Magical Forest'.

We chose our own colours and made circles of different sizes to cut out. Look at how much concentration we needed!


Here are the final circles!


If you would like to see the final piece of work come to Show and Share on the 5th February where you will see it displayed in the middle area of year R!

Some of the children in Goslings were so inspired by Kandinsky that they chose to do their own Kandinsky style artwork!


‘Warm and Fuzzies’ & ‘Cold and Pricklies’

This week in Circle Time we have been finding out about how our choices affect other people. When we do or say nice things to other people that makes them feel ‘warm and fuzzy’. What have you done to make someone feel ‘warm and fuzzy’?

When we do or say unkind things to other people that makes them feel ‘cold and prickly’. Has this ever happened to you? What could you do to turn a ‘cold and prickly’ into a ‘warm and fuzzy’? Saying sorry is a good way to repair a bad choice.

The Wish Factory is open!!

This week we have started our new topic of ‘Once Upon a Time’. We had a visit from the Fairy Godmother who had lost all of the wishes from her shop. We have been creating some new wishes for her, writing the ingredients and making them ready to sell.

What did you wish for?



Christmas Dinner!

We had a lovely time eating Christmas dinner at school yesterday!

We had crackers, jokes and Christmas music. The grown ups served our dinner and then sat with us to have a Christmas dinner too!


Hubble's Birthday!

Today we have been celebrating Hubble's first birthday! We decided to have a party for him. We all helped to decorate the classroom by making banners and cards as well as streamers. Hubble loved his party morning!

At the party we had pin the nose on Hubble bear, dancing, musical chairs and musical bumps. We all sang happy birthday to Hubble and helped him to eat his birthday cake!


1 Less

This week we have been learning about 1 less. Can you find the answers to these problems?


If there were 4 bears asleep in the cave and 1 woke up and went for a walk, how many bears would be left?


If there were 10 bears having a party in the cave and 1 went home early, how many bears would be left?


Can you think of any more problems to work out?

Try using these words in your number problems….. less, take away, count back.

We Went on a Bear Hunt!!!

Today we went on our own bear hunt. We got dressed in our wellies, coats, hats and scarves and began our journey to find a bear!


We're going on a bear hunt.

We're going to catch a big one.

What a beautiful day!

We're not scared.

Uh Oh! Steps!

Up and down steps.


UP ......DOWN...UP...... DOWN....UP ......DOWN......UP ........DOWN!


Uh Oh! A Tunnel!

A windy windy tunnel!


Windy .....Windy..... Windy ........Windy!


Uh Oh! Trees!

Tall Wavy Trees!


In and Out .....In and Out.......In and Out!


Uh Oh! A Playground!

A Big Wide Playground!


Stamp Stomp.....Stamp Stomp.......Stamp Stomp!

Uh Oh! A Hill!

A steep green hill.


Pull and Climb..... Pull and Climb....... Pull and Climb!


Uh Oh! A Teepee!

A dark Gloomy Teepee!


One shiny wet nose!

Two big furry ears!

Two big goggly eyes!

IT'S A BEAR!!!!!!!!


Luckily it was a friendly bear!!

We get to take him home for 1 night each to share an adventure with him. In the morning we bring him back to school for his next adventure with another child.


He came with a diary so we can write down our adventure to share with the class the next day!


We're Going on a Bear Hunt!

We have been busy learning about the bear hunt story and writing about the different things we may see on the way!

We Collaged the places in the story and put ourselves into the picture! Can you see us?


We also made our own musical bear hunt story. If you come to show and share on Monday you will be able to see it!!

Can you see the different instruments that we used?