The Hawk Conservancy

The Hawk Conservancy

Yesterday we went to a place like a bird world.  If you like birds of prey then the Hawk Conservancy is the place for you.


Vultures are birds that feed on carcasses.  They are critically endangered but are very important too because they kill the bacteria using their stomach acid.  What amazing birds they are!  We even got to see them being fed and I saw them fly.

The Wings of Africa Show

Next we watched the Wings of Africa Show.  The first bird in the show was a Verraux’s Eagle Owl called Tolkien, the next bird was a vulture and then a secretary bird came along and attacked a rubber snake.

Other birds we saw

Later on we saw some more birds including a barn owl, a northern hawk and a peregrine falcon which could fly up to speeds of 290 km an hour.  We also saw a Meerkat, more birds we saw are the Southern boobook owl, the snowy owl and the king vulture.

Valley of the Eagles Show

Last of all we watched the Valley of the Eagles show and saw the peregrine falcon fly.  Then we saw vultures fly over our head.  Then sadly we left. 

I really liked the Hawk Conservancy and I hope you get to visit one day.