Year 2 Visit The Children's Concert


Year 2 Concert Report

On Thursday 18th January we went to Southampton Central Hall to see an amazing orchestra.  When we got there we saw all of the musicians sitting down and getting their instruments out.  My favourite instrument was the violin because they are quick and they are nimble.  They played lots of wonderful pieces but my favourite piece was about a lonely drummer who wanted to play a tune and she got to play a tune on a xylophone.  Next a magician turned the Conductor's money into fire and then it became a baton.  How clever that was!  My favourite trick that the Magician did was when he scrunched up a ribbon and it came out of a little boy's sleeve!  Then we got to join in with a song called Running Order and it was great.  When Running Order had finished it was time to go.  I loved the orchestra and I hope I'll come back soon.

By Amy

On 18th January, Year 2 went to Southampton to listen to an orchestra.  What an amazing time we had!  I liked all of it but my favourite part was when a magician did magic tricks.  Then we were allowed to join in and I almost laughed because I was so warm and fuzzy.  I loved the Lonely Drummer because I love the xylophone.  I loved all of the orchestra, but mostly the magic tricks.  How fun it was!  Soon after the concert started, it ended and we had to leave to go back to school.

By Timothy


On Thursday 18th January we went to listen and watch an orchestra in Southampton!  We waited patiently for them to start.  First they introduced us to the instruments.  Then they did a magic trick.  The magic trick was pulling a bunny out of a hat.  Next we all joined in with singing.  I liked the trombone because it was noisy.  Finally we went back to school.

By Grace