Petr Horacek comes to Portway

Pech hortec he  caim to are sgall  he red  us sum boocs my fraiveoot book   was the puffin peter and butfligh  butfligh and sily soosy goos I maid a butfligh it was red bloo and orinj I maid one small and I maid one big and he did a usebleey and he did  amaisin miksing you dot miking dark culoos ferst you miking bright culoos ferst and it will maicks it byootfall he cood sbeeck difroons langwij  he had graiy hair  he waird blak cloas  he rot storees on his oan Alice.

Petr red sum of his books he red sily soosy goos.he roat sum pickchoos.I made a senterpeed. Petr miksed kuloos and miks brit kuloos ferst arfter do the dark kuloos .


We really enjoy our visits from Petr. Here are all of the pictures that he has made with Year R over the last 6 years!