Longdown Farm Trip

"We went to the farm on a bus. We put some magic cream on our hands so we can’t get germs on our food and so we can stroke the animals. Then we stroked the chicks, rabbits and guinea pigs. We fed the goats. We put the food on a plate. We looked at the pigs and we learned that they are the cleanest animals. We looked at the horses. After we looked at the horses we looked at the donkeys. We fed the baby kids with the milk bottles. They were so quick because they liked their milk. We went to find some eggs and we kept our hands over them so they were warm. We gave them to the gift shop. We put our hands in the ‘germinator’ because we needed to check if we had  washed our hands well. Last of all we had lunch. We liked our food. Then we went home.”

By Duckling Class