World War 1

We have been remembering World War 1 this week. We have been busy marching, building shelters for the soldiers and cooking them meals in our Mud Kitchen outside. Everyone wrote a letter to the soldiers and packed a food parcel for them. We have also been planting seeds to grow just like the ‘Land Girls’ and practising our hand control with the tweezers to dig up vegetables from our inside garden. We have enjoyed using the small world soldiers to create landscapes in our tuff spot and in the sand tray outside. We even had ration tickets to collect our fruit and milk from the class Greengrocers!

Everyone in the class made their own ‘peg soldier’ which joined us as part of our learning at the different activities. At the end of the week we made each of them a poppy in remembrance of all of the soldiers that fought for us during World War 1. Come and meet them…..