Wassily Kandinsky

We have been learning about the artist Wassily Kandinsky today. He loved to make pictures using different shapes and colours and often chose colours that matched the way that he was feeling. We talked about the way different colours make us feel and then cut concentric circles to make our own version of one of Kandinsky's famous pictures. 

First we had to choose the colours we wanted for our art.

Then we carefully drew around different sized circles and cut them out, turning the paper as we cut.

Last of all we glued them down as concentric circles to match Kandinsky's picture.

Look at all of the different colours that we used.....

We used our concentric circles to make a year group magical forest. Come to Show and Share and make your own concentric circles in the style of Wassily Kandinsky and see our finished artwork.

Can you find out anything new about our artist? Which of his pictures do you like best and how do they make you feel?