Petr Horacek comes to Portway

Pech hortec he  caim to are sgall  he red  us sum boocs my fraiveoot book   was the puffin peter and butfligh  butfligh and sily soosy goos I maid a butfligh it was red bloo and orinj I maid one small and I maid one big and he did a usebleey and he did  amaisin miksing you dot miking dark culoos ferst you miking bright culoos ferst and it will maicks it byootfall he cood sbeeck difroons langwij  he had graiy hair  he waird blak cloas  he rot storees on his oan Alice.

Petr red sum of his books he red sily soosy goos.he roat sum pickchoos.I made a senterpeed. Petr miksed kuloos and miks brit kuloos ferst arfter do the dark kuloos .


We really enjoy our visits from Petr. Here are all of the pictures that he has made with Year R over the last 6 years!

Longdown Farm

On Friday we went on a coach to Longdown Farm. We had a great time being farmers and doing all of the jobs. We fed goats and kids, held chicks, stroked guinea pigs and collected the eggs. Our favourite part was the very bumpy tractor ride!

New Life!

We have wonderful news to share with you all! On Tuesday our first duckling hatched, when we arrived at school on Wednesday we had three more, and by Wednesday lunch time we had five! The grownups chose some names for the ducklings that matched our phonics learning: Pop was named first because it popped out first! Peep was given its name because it peeps a lot! Pasha, Peeking and Pablo were given their names because, well, we just liked the names!

They are a real joy to have in school and we are all thoroughly enjoying learning about ducklings and their life cycle, how to handle them and how to take care of them.  

Forest School

We had a great time today at Forest School. First of all we found out how to keep ourselves safe around the fire pit and chose special names. We then looked for hazards around the site and marked them with flags.

We found out how to lay a fire, starting with the big sticks at the bottom and finishing with the small sticks at the top, with each layer lined up in a different direction.

After playtime we used clay and bits of leaves and twigs to make clay faces on the trees.

Here are the Forest Friends that we made.

In the afternoon we lit our fire and had marshmallows. We then went off bug hunting before it was time to finish. It was a really fun day.


We had Martial Art World visit us today to match our learning on Superheroes. It was great fun and we really enjoyed finding out what they did and playing games. We even learned some real Martial Art moves!

World Down Syndrome Day 2019

IMG_0514 (1).jpg

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

Today our school was brightened up by lots of colourful socks to help raise money for Andover Twenty1! We learned about Down Syndrome in assembly and celebrated difference together.

The idea of ‘Lots of Socks’ is that chromosomes look like socks under the microscope, and people with Down Syndrome have an extra chromosome.

Thank you to everyone who joined in and made a donation!

World Book Day

Today is World Book Day and everyone has been dressing up as their favourite book character. Come and see who you recognise from Duckling Class…..

What is your favourite book character? If you have a minute, share your favourite childhood book one bedtime!

Police at Portway!

We have had an amazing day today! We had a visit from the Police and got to explore a real Police van and car. We also heard all about what a Police Officer does, their uniform and the gadgets they use to keep everyone safe. We even made our own speed cameras and speed guns for when we rode on the bikes in the playground!!

Our New Artist

Who is this man? What do you know about him?

Can you find any of his famous pictures and tell us which one you like best and why.

Cinderella Ball

We had a lovely time at the Cinderella Ball today. We danced until midnight but when the clock struck 12 Cinderella’s dress had turned back into rags!

We brought our best clothes and chose partners for the different dances.

‘Warm and Fuzzies’ & ‘Cold and Pricklies’

This week in Circle Time we have been finding out about how our choices affect other people. When we do or say nice things to other people that makes them feel ‘warm and fuzzy’. What have you done to make someone feel ‘warm and fuzzy’?

When we do or say unkind things to other people that makes them feel ‘cold and prickly’. Has this ever happened to you? What could you do to turn a ‘cold and prickly’ into a ‘warm and fuzzy’? Saying sorry is a good way to repair a bad choice.


Can you make someone at home feel ‘warm and fuzzy’ this week? We would love to hear about your good choices on a Wow Moment to share at school!

1 Less

This week we have been learning about 1 less. Can you find the answers to these problems?


If the Giant had 4 coins in his money bag and Jack took 1 away, how many coins would be left?

If the Giant had 10 coins in his money bag and Jack took 1 away, how many coins would be left?

Can you think of any more problems to work out?

Try using these words in your number problems….. less, take away, count back.


Hubble's Birthday

We have been learning about birthdays and realised that Hubble has never had a birthday before. We made him cards and got him a cake with one candle on it. Then we decorated the classroom and made party hats. We had a fun time celebrating with him.

The 215

Come and see our Year R soldier at Vigo Road Recreation Ground on 10th November. He represents one of the 215 soldiers from Andover who were killed during World War 1. We decorated our soldier with poppies that the children made to remember them and photographs of our learning about World War 1 at school.