Cinderella Ball

We had a lovely time at the Cinderella Ball today. We danced until midnight but when the clock struck 12 Cinderella’s dress had turned back into rags!

We brought our best clothes and chose partners for the different dances.

‘Warm and Fuzzies’ & ‘Cold and Pricklies’

This week in Circle Time we have been finding out about how our choices affect other people. When we do or say nice things to other people that makes them feel ‘warm and fuzzy’. What have you done to make someone feel ‘warm and fuzzy’?

When we do or say unkind things to other people that makes them feel ‘cold and prickly’. Has this ever happened to you? What could you do to turn a ‘cold and prickly’ into a ‘warm and fuzzy’? Saying sorry is a good way to repair a bad choice.


Can you make someone at home feel ‘warm and fuzzy’ this week? We would love to hear about your good choices on a Wow Moment to share at school!

1 Less

This week we have been learning about 1 less. Can you find the answers to these problems?


If the Giant had 4 coins in his money bag and Jack took 1 away, how many coins would be left?

If the Giant had 10 coins in his money bag and Jack took 1 away, how many coins would be left?

Can you think of any more problems to work out?

Try using these words in your number problems….. less, take away, count back.


Hubble's Birthday

We have been learning about birthdays and realised that Hubble has never had a birthday before. We made him cards and got him a cake with one candle on it. Then we decorated the classroom and made party hats. We had a fun time celebrating with him.

The 215

Come and see our Year R soldier at Vigo Road Recreation Ground on 10th November. He represents one of the 215 soldiers from Andover who were killed during World War 1. We decorated our soldier with poppies that the children made to remember them and photographs of our learning about World War 1 at school.

World War 1

We have been remembering World War 1 this week. We have been busy marching, building shelters for the soldiers and cooking them meals in our Mud Kitchen outside. Everyone wrote a letter to the soldiers and packed a food parcel for them. We have also been planting seeds to grow just like the ‘Land Girls’ and practising our hand control with the tweezers to dig up vegetables from our inside garden. We have enjoyed using the small world soldiers to create landscapes in our tuff spot and in the sand tray outside. We even had ration tickets to collect our fruit and milk from the class Greengrocers!

Everyone in the class made their own ‘peg soldier’ which joined us as part of our learning at the different activities. At the end of the week we made each of them a poppy in remembrance of all of the soldiers that fought for us during World War 1. Come and meet them…..


We have been practising our pencil grip and strengthening our core muscles using WriteDance at school in readiness for writing. We used big movements to draw circles and eights in the air with rainbow scarves, matching them to the music, before drawing them down on paper.


If you would like to help at home you could strengthen hand muscles by squeezing sponges at bath time, watering the garden with spray bottles or screwing up old newspaper in to tiny balls – don’t forget to use both hands!

All of our hand control activities help to develop a good pencil grip.

Counting and Numbers

We have been learning all about numbers and counting this week. We have found lots of different things to count at school. What can you find to count at home?


Don’t forget….. always move the objects when you count them so that you know when to stop! How many have you counted?

Pablo Picasso

We have been learning all about the artist Pablo Picasso at school this week. We found out that he loves to have fun with faces and to put bits in funny places and use different colours. We decided to make our own Picasso faces so we cut up photographs and stuck them down to look like the ones that Pablo painted. See how different we look!!