Our Trip to Longdown Farm!

"This week we got to visit Longdown Farm! We had to travel there on a coach because it was a long way away. When we got there we met Farmer Brian. He knew lots and lots about farm animals.

We then put some special cream on our hands so we could check and make sure they were clean later on.

Then we each got given a plate of food for the goats to eat and we got to feed the goats. We even got to give the baby kids their milk! Their tails were wagging because they enjoyed their milk so much and they were so happy!

Then we got to go on an egg hunt and we put the eggs in an egg box and took it to the shop.

Next we held some baby chicks...their feathers were so soft! 

Then we saw some alpacas, ponies, donkeys and horses. We found out that a boy donkey is called a jack! 

Then it was time to check our hands in the germinator and if they were not clean we had to wash our hands again. We went to the barn to eat our yummy lunch before we got on the coach to come back to Portway. 

We had a wonderful time. We hope to come back soon!"

Written by Cygnet Class.