Hubble's Birthday!

We decided to give Hubble his very first birthday party!

We made decorations, birthday cards, drew the presents that we would like to give Hubble and planned his birthday party! We celebrated his birthday on Wednesday morning with lots of music and dancing! We played musical statues, musical chairs and pin the tail on the donkey - it was a lot of fun! After all our dancing we then sat down to sing Happy Birthday to Hubble and to share out his delicious birthday cake!

The 215

Come and see our Year R soldier at Vigo Road Recreation Ground on 10th November. He represents one of the 215 soldiers from Andover who were killed during World War 1. We decorated our soldier with poppies that the children made to remember them and photographs of our learning about World War 1 at school.

Our World War 1 Week

We have been busy this week learning all about WW1.

At the beginning of the week, we each made our own solider and a vehicle for the soldier to travel in.

We imagined what it would have been like to be a solider in WW1: we cooked mud pies and soup in the soldiers’ mess, we wrote letters to our loved ones back home, and we made shelter and dens to keep ourselves safe.

We also imagined what it would have been like in Andover during WW1 and we carried out activities that the people of Andover would have been involved in: we planted seeds to grow our own vegetables, we used rations to buy fruit and vegetables from the grocery shop, and we made food parcels and wrote letters to send to the soldiers.

At the end of the week we made poppies for our soldiers and also to remember the brave soldiers who fought for us in WW1.


We have been practising our pencil grip and strengthening our core muscles using WriteDance at school in readiness for writing. We used big movements to draw circles and eights in the air with rainbow scarves, matching them to the music, before drawing them down on paper.


If you would like to help at home you could strengthen hand muscles by squeezing sponges at bath time, watering the garden with spray bottles or screwing up old newspaper in to tiny balls – don’t forget to use both hands!

All of our hand control activities help to develop a good pencil grip.

groove_pencil (3).jpg

Counting and Numbers

We have been learning all about numbers and counting this week. We have found lots of different things to count at school. What can you find to count at home?


Don’t forget….. always move the objects when you count them so that you know when to stop! How many have you counted?

Pablo Picasso Faces!

We have been learning all about the artist Pablo Picasso at school this week. We found out that he loves to have fun with faces and to put bits in funny places and use different colours. We decided to make our own Picasso faces so we cut up photographs and stuck them down to look like the ones that Pablo painted. See how different we look!