Petr Horacek

During the week leading up to our half-term holiday, our Author focus was Petr Hoacek. We marvelled over his beautiful bright and bold illustrations, and enjoyed reading his imaginative stories. On the Friday we got to meet him and take part in a brilliant drawing workshop led by Petr himself. Petr read us many of his stories then taught us how to draw and blend different colours together with oil pastels like he does! Afterwards, we created our very own oil pastel drawing based on the story ‘Butterfly, Butterfly’. We then combined all of our drawings onto one big picture! Can you spot your child’s drawing below?

Longdown Activity Farm

Well, we certainly had a busy day at Longdown Activity Farm on Friday! It was so much fun being outside all day, doing jobs on the farm, and getting to eat our lunch in a barn!

When we arrived at the farm, the first job we had to do was feed the calves. We gave them warm milk which they guzzled down very very quickly!

We then moved on to the small animal’s enclosure where we got to hold baby chicks. The chicks looked similar to our baby ducklings but much smaller and fluffier! After the chicks, we got to hold baby guinea pigs which we found out are called ‘pups’. While in the barn with the small animals, we also had the opportunity to gently stroke three gorgeous rabbits. Then, off we went to the next job!

We travelled across the farm to find the donkeys and horses. We didn’t just walk though, oh no! We took a tractor ride there! It was bumpy and wobbly and scary and also so SO much fun! The louder we screamed the bumpier it seemed to get! Finally, when we arrived to the part of the farm where the horses were, we got to see donkeys, Shetland ponies and a really really tall Shire horse - they were all beautiful.

Next, we had to feed the hungry goats and the baby kids! We gave the goats their food and we gave the kids some warm milk - they loved it even more than the calves! After the goats and kids we moved on to our very last job of the day. We had to collect an egg each from the chicken house then we had to carefully carry the egg, making sure we didn’t drop it, all the way to the shop! In return we got a sticker to congratulate our careful egg carrying!

After a busy day of carrying out jobs on the farm, we got to eat our lunch in a barn before heading back to school.

A truly wonderful day was had by all!

New Life!

We have wonderful news to share with you all! On Tuesday our first duckling hatched, when we arrived at school on Wednesday we had three more, and by Wednesday lunch time we had five! The grownups chose some names for the ducklings that matched our phonics learning: Pop was named first because it popped out first! Peep was given its name because it peeps a lot! Pasha, Peeking and Pablo were given their names because, well, we just liked the names!

They are a real joy to have in school and we are all thoroughly enjoying learning about ducklings and their life cycle, how to handle them and how to take care of them.  

Forest School!

We had the most amazing day! We gave ourselves forest animal names and spent the whole day outside in the beautiful sunshine! We learnt how to light a fire, we sang songs and ate marshmallows around the fire when it was lit, we made clay tree faces, dug around for worms and insects, and made delicious mud pies in the mud kitchen! It was brilliant!


We came to school dressed as superheroes! Some of us came as real-life superheroes and others came as fantasy superheroes! Can you guess who we are?

World Down Syndrome Day 2019


Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

Today our school was brightened up by lots of colourful socks to help raise money for Andover Twenty1! We learned about Down Syndrome in assembly and celebrated difference together.

The idea of ‘Lots of Socks’ is that chromosomes look like socks under the microscope, and people with Down Syndrome have an extra chromosome.

Thank you to everyone who joined in and made a donation!

World Book Day!

On Thursday we dressed up as our favourite story characters for World Book Day! We began our day with fun music and a fashion show to show off our wonderful outfits! We had a story themed lunch and a great afternoon drawing and writing about who we were dressed as!

Can you guess who we are in the photos? I wonder if you could share your favourite childhood story with your child?

Police Visit

Today we had a visit from an Andover Police Officer! They talked to us about the important role they have in our society and about all the different things they have to do as a Police Officer. They showed us their uniform and the different tools they have to help them with their job.

Earlier in the week, we talked about how Police Officers help to ensure that people are driving safely on our roads, and we discussed speed limits and the signs which tell us which speed cars should be driving at. We then made our own signs and speed guns, and role played driving around and being Police Officers on our playground! Our Cygnet Police Officers made sure there was no speeding!

After this, we went to have a look at some police vehicles and we even got to sit inside of them! Have a look at us in the photos below! The whole afternoon was great fun and a really brilliant learning experience.

Our New Artist...


Who is this man? What do you know about him?

Can you find any of his famous paintings and tell us which one you like best and why.

‘Warm and Fuzzies’ & ‘Cold and Pricklies’

This week in Circle Time we have been finding out about how our choices affect other people. When we do or say nice things to other people that makes them feel ‘warm and fuzzy’. What have you done to make someone feel ‘warm and fuzzy’?

When we do or say unkind things to other people that makes them feel ‘cold and prickly’. Has this ever happened to you? What could you do to turn a ‘cold and prickly’ into a ‘warm and fuzzy’? Saying sorry is a good way to repair a bad choice.


Can you make someone at home feel ‘warm and fuzzy’ this week? We would love to hear about your good choices on a Wow Moment to share at school!


1 Less

This week we have been learning about 1 less. Can you find the answers to these problems?


If the Giant had 4 coins in his money bag and Jack took 1 away, how many coins would be left?

If the Giant had 10 coins in his money bag and Jack took 1 away, how many coins would be left?

Can you think of any more problems to work out?

Try using these words in your number problems….. less, take away, count back.


Hubble's Birthday!

We decided to give Hubble his very first birthday party!

We made decorations, birthday cards, drew the presents that we would like to give Hubble and planned his birthday party! We celebrated his birthday on Wednesday morning with lots of music and dancing! We played musical statues, musical chairs and pin the tail on the donkey - it was a lot of fun! After all our dancing we then sat down to sing Happy Birthday to Hubble and to share out his delicious birthday cake!

The 215

Come and see our Year R soldier at Vigo Road Recreation Ground on 10th November. He represents one of the 215 soldiers from Andover who were killed during World War 1. We decorated our soldier with poppies that the children made to remember them and photographs of our learning about World War 1 at school.